The First Cut

T Siamchinthang

Someone has rightly said, the first cut is the deepest. In the same vein, it is hard to forget one’s first love. Really, the first love can bring lots of unforgettable memories. Those sunshine days where love was soinnocent and you had all the time in the world to say those three little love. You were ready to swim the seven seas, climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest ocean for him/her.

I am compelled to give this comment because an incident happened recently when I was in Imphal. As I was walking at the New Checkon road, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. I had not heard this voice for years. As I turned back to respond, there she was. My first love. It was another matter that she did not reciprocate my love. In fact, we remained friends. But I feel those years we were together, it was more of a friendship. She knew deep in her heart the feeling I had for her. Till date, I suspect she did not dare to toe the line because of reasons that I cannot comprehend till now. But I know there was a corner of her heart that beat for me.

Anyway, this time as I looked at her, I found her more prettier. Her face was full of contentment. Moreover, she was carrying a beautiful baby snuggling it in her tender arms. We chatted for more than ten minutes. We talked about our lives. She was cheerful and I was happy she found a man who could give her happiness and satisfaction in life. But I know there were unspoken words at that moment which was much more valuable. And I know somewhere in the back of her mind, she must have thought of me a thousand times during the years we lost contact. And I know she was happy seeing me already settled down with an enviable job.

Dear Jessica, if you are reading this piece, please remember, all my best wishes are with you. Always be happy and cheerful and may God bless you.