The Grand old Man of Model Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung

He gave his selfless-service for 23 years in moulding and nurturing the students for a bright future. He is none other than, “The grand Old Man of M.H.S.S, MKG” Sir. Bendangmayang. Time has gone long, since, he entered this school as the Head Master to guide with higher responsibility for both Teachers and Students. After serving as the Head Master for few years, he proved to us by carrying the word, ‘Down to Earth’ in practical to humanity. As he become older year by year, he continuously served in the school as an Assistant Teacher till he bid adieu to the school.

I still feel his presence in the school as he is uniquely gifted with commanding voice tone. While he was in the classroom explaining lessons to the students he used to capture the attention of his pupil by his volcanic voice, which still echoes in our hearts. We used to called him Mr. YES because he was always ready to help everyone in any kind of situation. I still remember his diction of prayer(specially, Heavens & Earths).No doubt, he has got the inborn leadership quality, through which he led the Aos during his tenureship as Ao Hoho president. He is a man of principle with in-depth knowledge about everything that surrounds us. Fear no one for righteousness is his motto. 

He is very dear to everyone and like a good father to me and I should say a successful Social Reformer to the world. Someone has to be there at the top for the welfare of the people but only a person like Sir. Bendang will be rightly fitted in that position. In short, he responded to the  higher calling(as Naga Hoho President) with zeal and dedication to serve the people with sincerity and patience. Though, I and my colleagues in the school are still missing him a lot, we cannot hold him for just one corner to look after. Therefore, to look after the four corners of our land, I wish him success in his Leadership and pray for his wisdom to widen up for the betterment of the Nagas. Long Live Sir.Bendangmayang!

Purzulu Ao
Asst.Teacher, MHSS, Mkg