The Power of God's Word


United Kingdom

My name is Ajay from the United Kingdom, I want to share a testimony about what God has done in my life. I worked as a nurse and had a small chauffeur business. With the coronavirus crisis my business as a chauffeur went down and I had young family to feed. So I was sitting in the presence of God and asking for my next plan and he convicted me to go to the hospital and work there as nurse and work for my country as it has blessed me a lot. To work as a nurse in a Hospital and looking after three daughters was a very big challenge in this COVID-19 crisis but knowing that God is present everywhere and that He is in control kept us going throughout our crisis. I worked about four to five weeks in the hospital and it was during Easter time that I started to have the symptoms of COVID-19 and it was on Easter Monday that I was having difficulty with my breathing and became worst by night. My pregnant wife who is also a nurse was sitting next to me was in a helpless panicky situation, as I fighting myself to breathe out, gasping for air at around 1:30 am. I called for medical help. As I was waiting for the response from medicine department to call me back, my condition started to deteriorate. My body temperature was becoming different than my chest and my chest was becoming like balloon and tight. I was frightened, tired and panicking. I could not sit nor stand and my breathing was very shallow. As my wife asked me to call ambulance but I didn't want to go to hospital. Then thought came to my mind to have a hot drink to soothe my air ways. As I was making a cup of tea in my kitchen God allowed me to remember the Bible verse that said I will never leave you nor forsake you. So I told God, your word says that Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will be with you. God at this moment please show me your presence because I cannot breathe and I need you. And you word says you are with me but I cannot feel you right now. So Good please show me your presence made this conversation with God as I was making the cup of tea. I picked my cup of tea and walked out of my kitchen to my living room. And as I took my first cup of tea, miraculously I could breathe; there was so much peace and joy inside of me. I told my wife that I was feeling so much better after I had the conversation with God in the kitchen. By the time I finished my tea I was completely breathing normal. Instantly my God showed up and relieved me from the symptoms. The word of God healed me completely. Me and my wife started to praise God and cried out of joy for saving my life. I never gave importance to my breath whole my life till the moment I could not breathe, it made me realised that how important it is for us to breathe, and that ever single breathe is being ordered by the Lord. The word of God help us, it never leaves us nor forsakes us.