Theft of tower parts causes collapse of a Circuit Tower at Likimro HEP

Office of the Executive Engineer, Transmission Division, Kohima, Department of Power has informed that  power generation of Likimro HEP has been affected since April 20 due to collapse of one 66kV Double Circuit Tower of the 66kV Kiphire-Likimro Transmission Line near Pungro Town, Kiphire caused by theft of the tower parts. It said the 66kV Kiphire-Likimro Transmission Line is a vital transmission line for evacuation of Likimro HEP and is an important element of the state power transmission grid. While the Department is making all efforts for erection of the collapsed tower, the Executive Engineer in a press release has appealed all not to indulge in theft of tower parts. At the same time, it requested the concerned authority to take necessary action for booking the culprits.