There is no short-cut to success: Imkongnukla Ao

Patkai Alumna Imkongnukla Ao giving the commencement speech during the ‘Graduation Ceremony 2023’ of the Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) on July 15. (Photo Courtesy: DMMC PCC)

Patkai Alumna Imkongnukla Ao giving the commencement speech during the ‘Graduation Ceremony 2023’ of the Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) on July 15. (Photo Courtesy: DMMC PCC)

Underscoring ‘Intelligence Plus Character’ Patkai observes Graduation Ceremony 2023’

Morung Express News
Patkai | July 15

There is no short-cut to success and the difference between a successful and non-successful person is that the former perseveres in the face of failures and other challenges, maintained Imkongnukla Ao on Saturday.  

History is full of examples of people who rise up like a phoenix from failure by trying persistently, added Ao, an alumna of the Patkai Christian College (Autonomous), addressing the college’s graduation ceremony 2023.

It applies to not just competitive exams but anything in life, she further advised the graduands as the commencement speaker at the ceremony held at the PCC’s Bundrock Chapel-cum – Auditorium.

The Class of 2023 during the ‘Graduation Ceremony 2023’ of the Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) on July 15. (Photo Courtesy: DMMC PCC)

Ao, who is an EAC probationer under NCS and recently cleared the prestigious UPSC-conducted Civil Service Examination, further noted that graduation is not the end, but the beginning to a new life for each graduate – replete with opportunities as well as a world ready to devour them.

Accordingly, she noted that while during campus life, the graduates have encountered life together with friends, their roads will now diverge. 

No matter what road you take, it is important that you do not that compare your life with others, she advised while quoting, the sun and the does not shine together. Everyone has their own time zone. Follow your heart, but sometimes listen to your brain as well, Ao further stressed, adding, ‘Once you graduate, everyone will keep you a lot of suggestion, but I want you to do things only what you are interested in.’

Reflecting on own personal experience, she informed that preparing for civil services was a personal conscious decision. I know the work involved and no matter how many times I fail, I enjoyed my journey, she shared. 

Accordingly, Ao noted that even if one enrols in the best coaching but is not interested in the process, it is better not to waste his parents’ money or time. Use it for something specific that talks to you, she noted. 

Making excuses is also another trait that differentiate successful and non- successful person, she further underscored, adding that the former always try to find opportunities, while the latter try to find excuses. 

Citing personal experiences again, Ao shared on how she tried to find opportunities despite belonging to ‘one of the poorest sections of the society’ with a single mother and limited resources. 

Opportunities are everywhere, if one searches, she added. 

Ao further emphasised on the importance of financial literacy and independence, adding that it gives both male and female more choices as well as maintaining a more dignified life.  

Highlighting on the intense competition they would face once they go out of the campus, including the cohort of around 1 lakh registered educated unemployed youth; she said there is no room for average in today’s world. 

So, whatever you pursue, try to be the best and give your best. Instead of wasting your time on doing something you do not believe, invest on things you are interested and good at and gave you a hundred percent, she added.

Meanwhile, Ao further noted that simply being successful person is not enough but what’s more important is having a good character, touching upon the theme of the ceremony “Intelligence Plus Character - That is the Goal of True Education (Martin Luther King Jr).

This character comes following to word of God and being a God-fearing person, she maintained. 

She expressed gratitude to PCC, where she spent her formative well as the college entering in best 200 colleges in India ranking in the NIRF 2023. 

Earlier, in his welcome address, PCC Principal Dr Thepfuvilie Pierü congratulated the graduates and told them to carry forward the lessons learnt and value instilled as well as cherished memories and connection established.  

Dr Pieru also introduced the Dr Satuo Sekhose Memorial Academic Excellence Award, instituted by the family, which includes a cash prize of 30,000 rupees, along with a merit certificate for the PCC student achieving the highest Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). 

Arti Rai, a Bachelor of Commerce student, was conferred the award for 2023 with a CGPA of 9.80.

In charge of the graduating students, Assistant Professor Tiakhala Jamir lauded the graduating students for leaving behind a remarkable legacy for their juniors.

Officially inducting the graduates as members, the President of the Alumni Association of Patkai Christian College (AAPCC) also encouraged the graduates to uphold the college's motto and look back with love and support, fostering a strong alumni network.

Speeches on behalf of outgoing students were also delivered by Pouthoilung (Post Graduate) and H Luyi Chiswute (Under Graduate). 

A total of 19 gold medals were awarded on the occasion comprising of 11 in Under Graduate and 6 in Post Graduate level.  Over 450 students are graduating from PCC this year.

Other highlights of the event include a performance by the PCC’s Margaret Shishak School of Music.