To my dear MOTHER

Your love is like that of the sky, the never-endingness;
You watch over me just as the sunlight beams into darkness;
You cleared what was rough to let my feet touch softness;
You! Oh sweetest Mother never cease to smile;
You carried me in your bosom when I was freezing cold; 
You stayed wide awake when the temperature flared up like fire;
You carried me near your own skin while working muddy paddy water;
You! Oh sweetest Mother never cease to care;
You sewed the left over blank papers for the child to write on;
You crochet into the night like a pro for me to wear;
You weave authentic patterns of royal folk priceless;
You! Oh Sweetest Mother never cease to guide;
You gather tons of woody wood to keep the fireplace warm;
You store food in summer and so in winter there is plenty to eat;
You walk miles to collect spring water up and down the rocky road;
You! Oh sweetest Mother never cease to smile;
You from whom Kings and rulers and all came;
You who never complain of the ache in your back;
You who keep giving never expecting anything in return;
You! Oh sweetest Mother deserve the highest Honor;
Your Prayers for your Children day and night are melodious;
Your resilience to keep moving despite the chaos is bravery;
Your attunement to everyone around is wonderworking;
You! Oh sweetest Mother deserve acknowledgement;
You give your best in all things that you do; 
Thus, this Mother’s Day we appreciate You;
Thank You a million trillion, even so it is never enough;
What you have done for each child will be a living legacy;
You! Oh sweetest Mother we commemorate this day;
Celebrating you in our lives for all you’ve done;
We glorify God for Blessing you into our lives;
May God bless you bountifully! Sweetest Mother;
You will always be our most precious Mother.  
Very happy and fulfilling MOTHER’S DAY MOM

From your daughter Apele Mero, Asian Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother, my dearest sister and all my Sister-in-law