TODAY IN HISTORY - July 03, 2020

Following are some of the major events to have occurred on July 03

1775: George Washington takes command of the Continental Army.


1790: In Paris, the Marquis de Condorcet proposes granting civil rights to women.


1844: American ambassador Caleb Cushing successfully negotiates a commercial treaty with China.


1863: Confederate forces attack the center of the Union line at Gettysburg, but fail to break it.


1878: John Wise flies the first dirigible in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


1901: The Wild Bunch, led by Butch Cassidy, commits its last American robbery near Wagner, Montana, taking $65,000 from a Great Northern train.


1903: The first cable across the Pacific Ocean is spliced between Honolulu, Midway, Guam and Manila.


1944: The U.S. First Army opens a general offensive to break out of the hedgerow area of Normandy, France.


1945: U.S. troops land at Balikpapan and take Sepinggan airfield on Borneo in the Pacific.


1950: U.S. carrier-based planes attack airfields in the Pyongyang-Chinnampo area of North Korea in the first air-strike of the Korean War.


1954: Food rationing ends in Great Britain almost nine years after the end of World War II.


1962: Jackie Robinson becomes the first African American to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


1967: North Vietnamese soldiers attack South Vietnam's only producing coal mine at Nong Son.