Truck lost and recovered

Dimapur, January 13 (MExN): Definitely not the regular ‘lost and found’ story, this account is. A truck which went missing (stolen) on October 11, 2010 was sighted under a new registration number in Dimapur Wednesday last, January 12. The sighting was made by the driver of the missing truck at Ghorapatti at a servicing station. The delighted driver informed the owner of the vehicle, who in turn informed the Dimapur police. The police reportedly went to the site, where the truck was seen and it was seized. The owner was informed of the recovery, telling him to come to the police station and collect the vehicle.
Released to the wrong owner?
Accordingly, the owner one Md. Faisal Haque of Guwahati came to Dimapur today, with the requisite papers and went to the East Police Station, whose personnel reportedly made the recovery. However, a surprise lay in wait for him, when it was told him that the truck was already released.  
Disclosing the turn of events to media persons today, a dejected Haque said that the truck was forcibly snatched by unidentified miscreants, after assaulting its driver, from Murghee Patti, Dimapur on October 11, last year. He said that he had lodged an FIR with the East police station thereafter. Supporting his claim, he produced a copy of the FIR dated October 14, 2010.
As luck would have it, the truck was sighted in Dimapur on Wednesday under a new name plate – NL 08 A 2129. The truck’s original registration number is AS 01 CC 7888 and has been registered under the name of his wife, he insisted. He also produced a copy of the registration papers.
The police were not forthcoming when he demanded to know why it was released, a puzzled Haque said.
The police is said to have told him that the truck was reportedly seized in Kohima in connection with smuggling of ‘ganja’ and threatened him of arrest. When and how it was seized, if it was as claimed, was not let known to him, Haque said.
Even more baffling is that Haque was told at the police station that the truck was released from custody that day i.e. Thursday, for ‘servicing’.