Tseminyu: Beekeepers trained on scientific Meliponiculture & apiculture

Participants with officials from AICRP (HB&P), SAS, NU, Medziphema at Tseminyu New Town on December 7.

Participants with officials from AICRP (HB&P), SAS, NU, Medziphema at Tseminyu New Town on December 7.

Medziphema, December 8 (MExN): The All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Honeybees and Pollinators, School of Agricultural Sciences, Nagaland University, Medziphema conducted a one day training programme on ‘Scientific Meliponiculture and Apiculture for Entrepreneurship Development’ at Tseminyu New Town on December 7. 

The programme was introduced and chaired by Dr Avinash Chauhan, Principal Investigator, AICRP (HB&P) cum Nodal Officer for Stingless Bees while Lily Tep, Apitherapist, pronounced the invocation, a press release received here stated. 

Altogether, 67 beekeepers from seven different ranges of Tseminyu district participated and were enlightened on the different aspects of beekeeping in the first technical session by Dr Avinash Chauhan, PI, AICRP (HB&P). He highlighted the importance of bees for diversity conservation along with the role of quality management for bees and their products. 

Gracing the inaugural function as special guest, Logubu, Chairman, Ward-2, Tseminyu Town, emphasised on different roles played by bees in maintenance of ecosystem and the different products derived from bees. He appealed for conservation of all kinds of bees for a greater cause and requested farmers to be committed in gaining more knowledge from the training. 

In the second session, Lily Tep, Apitherapist, Terogvunyu urged farmers to grab the opportunity so that modern technologies can be incorporated to hone their skills in productive beekeeping. She spoke on the importance of bees in curing various ailments and delivered a detailed explanation on the therapy. Ngukho, Bee Professional, AICRP (HB&P), during the third session, elaborated on the vital role of bees in pollination and further discussed the advantages of scientific beekeeping. 

In the fourth technical session, Dr Avinash Chauhan, PI, AICRP (HB&P), who also delivered the vote of thanks, deliberated on development biology, social organisation, quality management in Meliponiculture & Apiculture where mass queen production and bee hive products were discussed comprehensively, along with the importance of value additions, marketing, etc. 

On behalf of trainees, Hanchulo Jemu, acknowledged AICRP (HB&P) ICAR, SAS, NU, Medziphema for the successful initiative undertaken in the district. 

The training concluded with distribution of beekeeping equipments, certificates and practical sessions where demonstrations were conducted by Lily Tep, Apitherapist, whereas Dr Avinash Chauhan, PI, and Ngukho, Bee Professional, divulged on colony multiplication, honey extraction and use of scientific bee boxes for Stingless bees.