Two cowboys and a cowgirl

Atongla Rothrong

I have two friends who are cowboys and so that makes me a cowgirl. Do you know why I call myself so? It’s because they treat me like any of their kind ‘mavericks’. And I am loving it dude! The only difference between the west and our trio is that we don’t ride on horses but chill out and spin around in four wheelers the whole night through, riding on the road to nowhere. I also don’t need to compromise on this weird buddy, buddy system that we have.

By the way, did you know that one is like any other hot blooded typical cowboy; he can be pretty wise at times too and talk nineteen to the dozen while the other Amigo is as cool as a cucumber, if at all he talks, it’ll be in a somber voice on a hilarious topic? I can always call him up even in the death of the night just to chat or if I am upset about something, he’s a real sweet listener, a friend anyone can count on. Coming to the first cowboy again, you see in spite of his blah, blah there are times when some statements coming from him really makes perfect sense.

Some couple of weeks ago, the three of us decided to go out and have a ball from morning till far into the night. And yap! That’s what we did. Somewhere along the way, a new companion did join us for the day, and so we hiked over to our farm at Purana Bazaar. Times and hours spend with them are like nano seconds, I don’t realize how it flies by. It was only when dark had befallen that we realized to return back to civilization. And nop! Our day did not end there. 

The new friend had to take leave of our company and so after the necessary arrangements were done, we three headed back to what we always do; i.e. spin around the highways until the gas in the car is exhausted, the cock-a-doodle-dos  starts to sing and we see a ray of light peeping down on us. Oh! And there was this one night when we were heading towards PCC, we saw a huge kind of thing that was blocking our way. It turned out that a CRPF vehicle had fallen into a ditch and so we were unable to go any further. Our hot blooded one had to, he should, he ought to- get down and kill the cat out of his curiosity, while the cool cucumbered one and I sat amused at the scene. Anyways, we returned back towards Dimapur and again the night didn’t end here. We were crazy enough to go friend visiting who lives in the remotest area in town. 

The saga doesn’t end here either, but if I am to continue then, some of you guys out there would turn green with envy and my two cowboy’s sweethearts/whoever/whatever, will put a ban to our outings, and so see ya after our next adventure.