Unemployment: what organizations should do?

Unemployment remains the most obstinate problem in Nagaland by virtue that our youths aren’t professional enough to see anything beyond government jobs; that parents always seems to be the final source of income; that we aren’t industrious enough to recognize the potential of our local resources, leave alone harness them to develop our economy; that we are not willing to march beyond our respective comfort zones etc.

Questions of political and governmental immaturity in implementing employment policies continue to abound. How relevant these arguments are, is a totally different issue. What is relevant, however, is that certain sections of Naga youths and intellectuals, have risen to the occasion to mobilize Naga youths towards instilling a sense of priority and urgency for themselves as well as their personal professional aspirations to wake up and ponder on what should be done or how to go about it.

For instance YouthNet, an organization decidedly to address youth-related issues have for some time now has been taking up active considerations matters of corruption in public offices, unemployment and likened matters which directly or indirectly impact the welfare of the youths as students and clichéd to say but yes, leaders of tomorrow. It is imperative that student organizations like the Naga Students Federation (NSF) the All Nagaland Private Schools Associations (ANPSA) and likened pan-Naga entities by virtue of their outreach, influence and clout should engage in extensive efforts to address the issues of unemployment in Nagaland. The effort to address the issue should not be made dependent upon only few concerned organizations like the YouthNet. It is about time our organizations go beyond the pronouncements made in press releases or functions. Only then shall we see results. Any otherwise would mean unemployment would continue to be a press release fodder just for the fact that there aren’t any worthwhile “important” issues to talk about to be called a responsible, welfare organization.

Satemmeren Ngullie,
4th Mile, Dimapur