Unsung Heroes

The deployment of IRB at Naxalite infested area in Chattisgarh and the shocking aftermath is a breaking news for all and sundry. Men by their dozens have lost their lives in landmine explosions, scores have left their jobs and are remaining unemployed, dozens have lost their lives to the harsh and unhealthy terrain and whatever men left are unsure as to what the future holds for them. The Government of Nagaland including the Chief Minister, Home minister and Director General of Police should be prepared to answer to the public as to why these men were made to fight a non-productive war. Anti-personal mines are being used by the Naxalites which is even broadly banned by the Geneva Convention. Sadly the Government had neither trained or equipped these men against such anti-personnel mines. It is understood that the IRB units fall directly under the Ministry of Home Affairs and are liable to be deployed anywhere in the country instead. The public should also be aware that every state in the country has 2-3 IRB Units. Under such conditions, the Government have miserably failed to raise their voice in the very first place regarding deployment of IRB Units in a war that would neither bring victory against the Naxalites even in the next 100 years. The logic behind deployment of IRB Units at Chattisgarh is highly debatable. It is because that these men are being paid for their services by the Chattisgarh Government and that their original salary drawn during their deployment in Nagaland is still being drawn and converted to Houses, Bungalows, Bank Accounts etc? Incidentally, the IRB Unit from Mizoram presently deployed at Chattisgarh are drawing their salary from the Chattisgarh Government besides a hefty amount from their home state also. In any case, it is apparent that there is some interest for the Government regarding this deployment. When the Law and Order situation in the home state is almost out of control, the Government fails these men in their own front yard which is very much a part of India.

The public of Nagaland are no longer illiterate and would sooner or later cry out for answers which the Government might fail to answer. For a start, the IRB Units of Nagaland is almost 30% NAP Cadres and 70% ‘Direct IRB Cadres’. The Government should be very clear with this that as per the Ministry of Home Affairs directive, the  direct IRB Cadres are supposed to serve anywhere in the country. However the remaining 30% of the men mostly in the rank of Officers, Sub-Inspectors and Havildars are from the NAP and NP Units who had never signed a bond similar to the IRB cadres. These non-IRB cadres enrolled in NAP and NP Units without any formal intention or bond to serve in any part of the country unlike the direct IRB cadres. Incidentally, some of the men who had lost their lives in mine explosion, dismissed after deployment at Chattisgarh and those who died due to ill health were from the old NAP or NP Units and not from the direct IRB cadres. Coupled with all these events, the manner in which the mortal remains of the to Officers and a Jawan killed at Chattisgarh recently were hushed u is most shocking. An officer in the rank of Assistant Commandant being killed and brought back without even a State funeral is a total injustice to human life and feeling now. Something is very wrong and perhaps only the Chief Minister, Home Minister and the Director General of Police, Nagaland can bring about answers. The unfortunate relatives and public are upset but above all the comrades at Chattisgarh might also return back one day only to ask the CM, the HM and DGP as to why they were made to be “UNSUNG HEROES” and to this they will demand personal specification perhaps as IRB Jawans or even as disgruntled and revengeful deserters who had seen the lights of the day.

Charles Naga
Oriental Colony
Dimapur, Nagaland