US Consulate underscore need for ‘Brand Nagaland’

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 3 (MExN): Visiting representative of the US Consulate General Kolkota said that Nagaland had great tourism prospects however the state first needed to attend to some issues like infrastructure, accessibility factors and the Restricted Area Permit (RAP), which he termed as “cumbersome”. Assistant Public Affairs Officer and Deputy Director, American Center, Kolkata, Moulik D. Berkana made this comment during a brief interactive session with a section of the local media at Hotel Saramati today. 

Talking about his visit to Nagaland, Moulik said that he had greatly enjoyed and been enlightened about the Naga society through the visit and expressed optimism on the exposure received by the state through the Hornbill festival. The Deputy Director underscored the need for Nagaland to come out with a Brand name and emphasize on advertising to make it easier for the people to visit Nagaland. While also drawing attention to the need to develop infrastructure like hotels, he also noted that too much of development would also adversely affect the pristine natural beauty of the Nagaland.

Meanwhile, the main focus of today’s interaction was primarily on Media and HIV Aids Reporting, Assistant Public Affairs Officer and Deputy Director, American Center, Kolkata, Moulik D. Berkana, sought to understand the difficulties faced by the journalist in the local context. During the lively interaction that followed, it was suggested that the media needed to find creative ways to pass out information to the public so that the common man would be able to work on these information. Besides the subject of discussion, Moulik D. Berkana and Information Assistant Press & Information of American Centre Rai Barua also discussed other problems prevailing in the state like trafficking, child labour etc. 

It may be mentioned that the Assistant Public Affairs Officer and Deputy Director, American Center, Kolkata landed in the Nagaland primarily for the inauguration of the Red Ribbon Pavilion at the Hornbill Festival in Kisama. Taking maximum advantage of his visit, Moulik also had interactions with the students of Nagaland University, some NGOs involved with trafficking of Women, Climate Change Leaders and also attended a the screening of Al Gore’s documentary, “The Inconvenient Truth” at Patkai Christian College yesterday.