Use public property wisely & responsibly

Youngsters caught on camera writing vulgar messages on Smart City kiosks

Morung Express News
Kohima | January 13

A group of youngsters were caught on camera updating vulgar messages in the Smart City Wi-Fi Kiosks in Kohima, according to a recent post updated on the Kohima Smart City social media accounts.

The caption read, "Before you plan to steal a flower pot, or vandalize public property, or steal a car, know that Kohima is watching you. Let us learn to use our public assets wisely.”

Unaware of the camouflaged CCTV in the Kiosk, the youngsters had indulged in the mischief.  While the faces of the group were not revealed, the post was updated to spread awareness for all citizens to be more responsible and to prevent the misuse of public assets, according to the Kohima Smart City Development Limited (KSCDL)

The Kiosks are meant for providing information to visitors and citizens, said Avelü Rüho, Joint CEO KSCDL, with the option to write positive messages to encourage each other and especially to receive feedbacks from tourists/visitors about Kohima. 

"We put it on social media not so much to shame anybody but to create awareness. It shows that our youngsters need to be a little more aware and responsible. We hope that it is a deterrent in future. Since it was the first incident we did not put up their original photos or want to file any complaint," said Rüho. She further expressed hope that the post would help create awareness for citizens to be more responsible.

According to Yanpvuo Kikon, IT Consultant for KSCDL, 110 CCTVs have been installed in Kohima with 'testing in progress', which will be monitored with video analytics in the Kohima Smart City Integrated Command and Control (ICCC). 

The CCTVs will be used to deter crime and ensure the safety of citizens and public assets. The ICCC is expected to go live with the field components including the CCTV, ATMS (Adaptive Traffic Management system), Environment sensors, Smart Street lights, e-Governance with online services for citizens, Control Center etc.

While mischievous incidents such as this are not uncommon, Kikon noted that if such delinquents are not responsible, ‘more serious’ actions would be taken by filing FIR. “We have to let the law take its own course of action without taking it into our own hands and allow relevant sections in the penal code to be enforced,” Kikon stated.

The images were posted by covering the faces of the mischief makers, hoping that citizens would learn to take better care of public property, he added.