USSC meets with private run institutions

Kiphire | April 2 : The United Sangtam Students Conference (USSC) today held a consultative meeting with all the head of institution in the district at the USSC conference hall for effective quality education. Presiding the meeting, the Executive Chairman USSC Kiritong called upon the private run institutions to impart effective quality education so that the district come at par with the rest of the state in education. Touching on RTE Act 2009, he said, we have to gear up to implement the act in the coming academic year, as the state government has given direction to implement in the next academic year.  
He also call assure that the private run institution in the district that the conference will give all logistic support for the betterment of the student community.  Addressing the need of the student community, Executive chairman USSC also said assure that the Conference organize refreshers course for the teacher community in the district.
Administrators of the private run institution also shared the problem faced by in the institute and opined that Conference should also visit the institution from time to time.  President USSC read out the three point resolutions adopted in the meeting pertaining to effective quality education in the district.