Utter lack of foresight and wisdom

Close on the heels of the “Quit notice” by the NSCN- K where I share my reservation as to the nature of its intent which is blatantly communal, unity and reconciliation being the desired goal of every Naga, my concern has been drawn to the headline “ NSCN- IM demands Rs. 50 lakhs from IOC” in the local papers. 

Conjunctures whether IOC will yield does not interest me. I foresee, given the present global scenario of interdependence and respect for each other, utter lack of foresight and any shred of wisdom. It once again opens up a series of disturbing questions and places choices before us which I hope will reframe our inner resolutions and perspectives towards posterity. In addition, given the fragile energy security scenario, I don’t think this issue will be taken lying down from any quarters. 

We live in an age of realization and change. In the 21st Century more than ever the challenges of poverty, unemployment, quality health care and education, good environment etc. require involvement from all corners, the Govt. agencies, NGOs and very importantly the corporate sector. Therefore, the culture of threat and intimidation will not serve the purpose of the common good.

In this context, may I make mention of the “Look East Policy”. This is a holistic vision envisaged by the government of India for development of the North East Region. This is genuine, noble and relevant in its intents. We must stay alert and support such initiatives thus creating a congenial atmosphere where the risks of investment are minimized.

Retrograde actions which stigmatize the future of everybody must be condemned. Let us understand that, company Boardrooms are not churches, Temples or Mosques and even if these type of demands are later detracted dismissing it as the handiwork of whatever rank cadre, in the market where profit and competition are determining yard sticks, forgiveness is neither cool nor saleable or even less trendy. I cannot even begin to comprehend the futility.

Also, we bear a testimony to the entire world; Nagas are peace loving, hospitable and simple. These are great resources and we must protect them. The outside world will have taken note and there reactions to ventures of any economic activity here ‘forget it’. We have reduced our prestige in their eyes, materially and morally. Also whether Dimapur, pride of the Nagas and our commercial capital with all the locational advandatages served by the NH 39, I am certain of the added vigor and momentum to which efforts are already on to by-pass Dimapur and develop the Guwahati- Shillong – Silchar- Jaribum- Imphal road connectivity.

This realization pains me. We have ourselves to blame for this mess and then again will we ever admit? Having masters the art of making enemies, no Naga is secure in any way.

Johny G Rengma,
Executive Member BJP.