VDB Secretary on publication of ‘Deplorable Phek-Chozuba road’

DIMAPUR, APRIl 3 (MExN): The Secretary VDB of Thuvopisu village, Phek District Dezoto Rhakho has stated that in the “midst of people’s apprehensions” “about improper and incomplete implementation” of the Phek- Chozuba road, an article had appeared in Morung Express on March 10, 2011 issue on page 2 under the heading “Renovation of Phek-Chozuba 45 kms road nears completion”. The VDB Secretary in a statement issued on March 3, 2011 pointed out that the “villagers and commuters of the locality where the Phek- Chozuba road is passing through” had been apprehensive about improper and incomplete implementation of the mentioned road.
“Thus, the writer of this press-release was compelled to issue a rejoinder article under the heading ‘Deplorable Phek-Chozuba road’, and requested all the major local dailies to publish it”, clarified the press note from the VDB Secretary and pointing out that in the course of the publication of this rejoinder, “legal notice” had been served “to my person and also the publisher and Editor of Nagaland Post and Morung Express respectively”.
“Therefore, through this press-release, I hereby inform all the concern people and readers that, through my initiative and request the article was published. So, I am solely responsible for any eventuality arising out of the article “Deplorable Phek-Chozuba road”, and the tension faced by the two reputed dailies arising out of the legal notices are highly regretted”, stated the press note from the Secretary VDB of Thuvopisu village, Phek District Dezoto Rhakho.