The Voice

David had taken Uriah’s wife to be his wife. He had covered up the hidden, works on how he got her. But what he did was not right before God. So, God sent Nathan to David to tell him that what he did was wrong. David repented. Then came King Solomon. He was very wise. But when he was old, his wives turned his heart away from God.
The wise saying of the old would not be there if life was easy. Many people would remember and heed the words of the forefathers. Though they might not have understood everything, they knew there was wisdom in it. It is important because it helps them to be aware of certain things, of some mistakes they should not repeat or of some advice that would come useful. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle where wisdom and right advice would help join the right pictures of life. Life becomes easier when we know where we are going. It is like a traveler with a compass to direct his steps.
It can prove to be dangerous when life seems to be fine. It is not only the problems in life that make man do wrong but also the well being that makes him forget many things, leading him to do wrong. There are some unwanted consequences which happen due to sheer negligence when we are in our right mind. We can make mistakes even when we expect them the least. But there are moments in life when we are pressed so hard that we are left with hard choices. And we may go by what we see and that seems to be good. There may be times when we feel right living is not worth anymore.
The life that is filled with passions, determination, hunger and love can lead us to do great things or beyond expectations. But also, it can blind us; blind us from what is right and just. These can give rise to selfish plans, greed, unforgiveness, revenge, and many more. Things can seem so right but not so before the eyes of God. If we consider the heart of man, has he not always planned wickedly before the watchful eyes of God?
Now, how do we live a righteous life? No one is wise enough to live on his own feet, or he would have run out of problems. And no one is good enough before God. Man searches for wisdom to live well but is it not from God that perfect wisdom comes? Will not the right wisdom come from the One who understands everything about life? Will not the voice of right living come from the One who gave life?
In the midst of troubles we have many voices around us, voices that tell us to do this and that. And in calmness, our own voices get louder. So, we need the voice of God to lead us rightly in the midst of many voices and to remind us in our well being. For God who is wise knows the right step we should take and would tell us when we need, so that, we do not fall in tough times nor in our negligence.
David had Nathan through whom God spoke. Abraham talked with God. The Israelites had Moses. Now, we have the Church, man and woman of God, the Bible and the Holy Spirit. God can speak through our dear ones, dreams, visions, situations, stranger, and many more. We all need the voice of God to live this life. We need everyday and every time; in rough times or in calmness, day or night, alone or with people, in achievements or in failures. Had we lost the voice of God, we would only be living under the sun, where everything seemed vanity. But God’s voice would make us live under God, making life worth the living. It is through God that life’s right choices are make, for God gave this life.
God can speak to us in many ways and through different people. It is this little faith to hear the voice of God that keeps our hearts tuned to the voice of God.
What is your voice of God today?
“So, as the Holy Spirit says: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion, during the time of testing in the desert, where your fathers tested and tried me and for forty years saw what I did” (Hebrews 3:7-9).