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Is Social Media creating plagiarism in Nagaland?

  Yes social media, being viral, is indeed creating plagiarism in Nagaland. During the recent storm incident in Mokokchung, many of the local dailies made use of some photos which went viral in WhatsApp and Facebook. These photos were posted by the local people but the media made use of it in their papers which is plagiarism. Secondly, if someone posts a good write up in social media, it is just a touch away to copy or edit without any permission. Thus somebody's idea become everybody's idea (whether foolish or wise idea) through social media which is prominent in Nagaland.

Sentinaro Longkumer, CTC Mokokchung

    According to me, I think Social Media is not creating any problem of plagiarism in Nagaland. Now we no longer exist in the past where one’s tradition keeps going on one path. Social media is letting our people to see and learn what and how to do things. Just because one thing is followed by our people after seeing through social media, doesn't mean they are trying to copy them and act like theirs. We should inculcate what developed countries are doing and learn something or the other from them and behave like one instead of been a frog in the small pond.

Chitsoviloii Koza, Kohima Science College

    Yes. Authenticity has become the biggest casualty with the advent of social media. Copy pasting photos or write-up has become a norm in almost all prominent Facebook groups in Nagaland.

Rosemary S., Dimapur

    Not entirely. Social media, rather than create has only aided plagiarism to persist and occur at a level not witnessed before the advent of the digital age. The internet and the social media have only made the ‘unethical’ practice all the more blatant with people now exposed to mass information without having to sit at a library for hours. While it has made intellectual property vulnerable to infringement without acknowledgement due, it has also enabled utterly emulated works from being circulated without scrutiny. It acts as the aider as well as the thwarter.

Alem Walling, Dimapur


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