'Vulgar remark was made mistakenly,' Bihar ex-CM Rabri Devi defends Nitish

IANS Photo

Patna, November 8 (IANS) Amid mounting criticism against Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for his vulgar remarks on women, former CM Rabri Devi on Wednesday came in his defence, saying that the statement was mistakenly made and the BJP was doing politics over it

“Nitish Kumar apologised for his remark he made on Tuesday. It mistakenly came out from his mouth. He is apologetic about it. The BJP leaders always make allegations against him,” Rabri Devi said.

Samrat Choudhary, BJP state president and MLC said, “Tejashwi Yadav said that whatever Nitish Kumar said in the both Houses of Bihar Assembly was sex education and his mother is now saying that the statement of Nitish Kumar was wrong and mistakenly came out from his mouth. I want to ask both mother and son to decide who is saying right and who is saying wrong.”

“Nitish Kumar claimed that he realised this 12 hours later. Nothing more shameful than this when a chief minister realised 12 hours after making a vulgar remark on women.”

“I was present in the House and alerted him with folded hands that you cannot make statements like this. You are a guardian of Bihar but he continued with his vulgar statement. The Governor of Bihar should take cognizance of the matter and allow him to remain in the chair and run Bihar only after the medical checkup,” Choudhary said.  

Amid growing criticism, Nitish Kumar apologised for making the comments. “If I have said something and it is condemned by every section of society then I apologize for that statement and also withdraw it. I want to condemn myself for such a statement,” Kumar said while interacting with media persons in Patna on Wednesday.