We should stand united & work cohesively for an early solution

Lieut Gen (Retd) Khango Konyak
President, NSCN-K (Khango)

My Dear Countrymen!

On this joyous celebration of the Historic 77th Naga Independence Day, I extend my warm revolutionary greeting to all my compatriots and fellow Nagas.

On the outset, we pay homage, to all those brave souls and pioneers of the soil that has stood tall like the Dyersville giants to champion the Nagas political cause and has made supreme sacrifices to sanctify the land, and secure the future of the Nagas. Their indominatable spirits has kept the flame of Nationalism burning.

The Nagas has existed as a sovereign Nation even before the colonialization by the British, and has never been subjected to foreign rule. The Naga Democracy as an independent entity has even been described by British administrator CR Pawsey as exhibiting “the form of purest democracy which is very difficult indeed to conceive as existing even for a single day; and yet does exist here, is an undeniable fact”. 

However, the darkest chapter in Naga history began when the imperialist India started exerting their dominance and subjected the Nagas using their Military might against our will and divided the Nagas between Indian and Myanmar(erstwhile know as Burma). This ignited the seed of Nationalism to free our Naga Homeland from foreign invaders. Sovereignty is our birthright and we will defend it at all cost.  

The Odyssey of Naga Political struggle has traversed through an arduous journey filled with glorious moments, irrevocable blunders, daring feats, many political developments, factionalism, thousand of untold miseries and sacrifices, political dialogues and armed rebellion (the wrap and weft of any National struggle) that has shaped the present political scenario. It is imperative that the Naga Political Leaders do not settle for mere economic or appeasement package that will stain and discredit the seven decades of blood and tears of the Nagas.

The NSCN has never deviated from the underlying principle to protect the Nagas politically, culturally and religiously nor has it grown weary of the responsibilities. Rather, our effort has been invigorated and we are embarking on a new dawn of Naga Nationalism that will witness the resurgence of the indomitable spirits that once guided our fallen Heroes.

Long has the Nagas been fettered; long has the Nagas been fooled. It is now or never! As the discontentment of the Nagas grows louder, the faith of the people in the Naga Political groups and the GOI will be lost in the abyss. Moreover, the Naga Political issue is a ticking bomb that will one day explode to activate the “Pandora box”. Therefore, the contemporary leaders of the Naga Political Groups, while taking account of all these clarion signs should not let divisive forces take it roots in the organisation but tread carefully as not to concur to the remark of Karl Marx “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”. However, we should stand united and work cohesively for an early solution, which is permanent, honourable, and acceptable to the Nagas.

Taking this platform and opportunity, I would like to thank the FNR (Forum for Naga Reconciliation), NGOs, CSOs, Church Leaders, Student bodies, and all the stakeholders for their unrelentless effort to negotiate the peace talks between the Naga Political Groups and the GOI, which has achieved desirable result. Furthermore, I urge all the stakeholders to work cohesively and be the catalyst in bringing the Naga political talk to its logical permanent solution at the earliest, and the Nagas in toto should prevent the implementation of any divisive laws and forces that would infringe our fundamental and political rights or dilute our Naga customary laws and practices.

Dear Compatriots, on this auspicious day, let us re-affirm to carry on the glorious legacy with dedication and selflessness, and respond to the call of duty unwavered as the future of the Nagas depends on us!

God bless Nagaland!