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For peace to be attained, Nagas must pursue

•    What’s reconciliation for nagas? What make us to be reconciled? For what? And who should reconcile? Its all because we have not achieved our goal, conflict still continue to flow and misperception exist therefore solution itself will give space for true reconciliation for the Naga society

•    Solution, there can be no peaceful reconciliation unless there is a solution

•    Solution, because reconciliation is always a part and parcel of solution, whereas solution is comprehensive term covering whole aspect.


•    Reconciliation is must. Solution without and before reconciliation is stitching wound with thorn inside.  It will bring worse situation than the present. 

•    For the attainment of peace in Nagaland, reconciliation should be arrived before anything else.

•    Reconciliation first. Our primary target is political solution with one group but in between many groups, hence they should first reconcile, than political solution.

•    Nagas fighting for solution, is must and is the first primary target of Nagas, but on the ground reality why Naga fighters have different opinion on solution, therefore reconciliation of all Naga’s opinion on solution should come first before it is polluted.

•    Reconciliation, because solution will not come without reconciliation and both is not possible 

•    There can be no solution without reconciliation. But having said that, reconciliation seems a distant dream because we Nagas are selfish, self-serving, corrupted individuals with greed and hatred running deep in our veins

Both solution and reconciliation simultaneously

•    Both Solution and Reconciliation should be pursued simultaneously; it is the only logical step for peace. Shouting only for reconciliation as a precondition will have negative impact and will cause more divisions. So both should be pursued together.

•    Solution to the problem itself is an answer to both reconciliation and peace in our land for what the nagas have been struggling for the past 5 decades.

•    Peace is not for a section of the people nor Nagas are only some parts ,whosoever are in forefront, mind the responsibility not by the objective matter but in the subject level as well if they are human enough in the image of GOD.

•    Yes, both simultaneously. We can’t wait for the next solution- bus as it will create more space for disunity among the Naga moguls for their selfish end. Reconciliation is rather in an iffy situation. ISM on ones self-interest be kept aside so that reconciliation creeps in grass root level through Naga Hoho with the trio initiative for the NATION in the name of Jesus Christ.