Welcome steps to sanitize State Capital

Kohima | May 1 : Adding to its effort in beautifying the state capital, the Kohima Municipal council (KMC) is framing up the urinal sheds in the town area with sponsorship from banks like UCO Bank and Bank of Baroda. The ADC and KMC Administrator disclosed that they have identified some banks for sponsorship and that responses are awaited to construct more sheds in the town.
The newly constructed urinal sheds look very hygienic with even flowers planted on the side of the sheds with metal fence. However, the question remains-how much the public are concerned about sanitation? How well are the public infrastructures maintained? Civic sense is the need of the hour. The ‘Hero’ role has to be played by the citizens of Kohima in order to keep the city clean.
The state capital currently stands at 2.5 lakhs total population (reduced almost 1 lakhs as per the previous census). It is only hoped that fashion alone will not be the priority but keeping the town tidy will become the main priority for citizens in the capital.
As is natural, the municipal councils, town committee or PHED may lack in some areas in keeping the town tidy, however it is the moral responsibility of each and every member in the society to maintain our town. Perhaps it is time for the people to once again give a serious thought to the sanitary aspect of the towns and cities to make “Kohima the Mirror of Nagaland” and someday we will be compared to Singapore as far as our hygiene matters are concerned.