What are obstacles to peace?

All of the Nagas want peace. If so, what are the obstacles to peace? At Bangkok, in reply to questions Th.Muivah said, “We want reconciliation and peace. So we sent our men to Naga Reconciliation Meeting at Kohima and our representative spoke in the meeting. But you NGOs and Church leaders, you should do your home works. Let NNC/FGN come out of the Transit Peace Camp and let NSCN (K) detach themselves from Assam Rifles camp. If not, our peace will comprise Naga national Principle”.

A Transit Peace Camp is known to all. Regarding NSCN (K), how far their collision with the Assam Rifles is, we do not know except once the wrath of the public was poured on them and they were driven out from Mokokchung when their Oking was there.

In spite of anything, we insist that there should be peace an end to hostility. What is killing for? It is mainly for domination over an area. Should there be designated camps? All Naga inhabited areas belong to any Nagas irrespective of factions or organizations. Dominance of an area for free taxation is the main root cause of killing. No Naga should be deprived of his or her birth right of free access anywhere. When peace is declared among the factions, it will pave the way for understanding and unity of all of the Nagas as a result a settlement with the Government of India will be a peaceful settlement and the move for integration will have the backing of consolidated Nagas. 

But however high political goal NSCN (IM) will be scoring, if killing is going on, it will be a great missing of the mark morally and a settlement with the GOI will be viewed as a factional settlement. 

There should be a meeting point of understanding. NNC/FGN and NSCN (K) are saying that they are for sovereignty and NSCN (IM) is going to compromise Naga National Principle in their talk with the GOI. Had they change for their positions and NNC/FGN or NSCN (K) taken the place of NSCN (IM) in the talk with the GOI, will they do better? In the context of the present situation, if any settlement short of sovereignty will not be accepted, it means to differ the issue to future generations. On the other hand apart from sovereignty, any settlement without prior declaration of peace among the factions will not be peaceful settlement. Nagas have to come to a point of understanding. 

History should not be repeated. On the basis of the 16 Point Agreement, the statehood started running its administration with Security Forces in aid of Civil Administration. It has to deal with Underground national workers and the policy was so dirty, cruel and horrible. Curfew was imposed on the villages every now and then, combing jungle operations was constant, apprehended persons out of suspicion were subjected to inhuman tortures even electric shock and jails were fully packed and prisoners were sent to Assam, Meghalaya and Bengal. The scenario made Church leaders concentrated more on peace work than on Church normal works. Such diabolical history should not be repeated. 

Should we be complacent about the continuity of killing? No. We will never take it for granted. Killing will be taken as an act of anti-Cross of Christ and a denial of the way of the Cross. We have to deny selves and to take up the Cross under any circumstances. 

Rev. L. Suohie