What do you think is most needed for tackling misappropriation of public funds in Nagaland? Give reasons

Strengthen Law Enforcement: 

Effective Judicial System: 
•    There is apparent lack of Checks and Balances in the State. I believe, once there is a strong and independent judiciary in the state, there can be effective and proper utilisation of government funds in implementing developmental policies

Reform Leadership: 
•    They are handle public money and spend in their own benefit only

•    Reform leadership is the only key

•    Common sense of public money not theirs

•    Reform Leadership is option ... it's our duty to make it happen to oust outdated people from the chair

•    Until and unless the present leaders are cast out, no measures will be effective in Nagaland. Pray for the reformation

•    Civil servants here view their positions within their organisational structure as a private organisational platform to utilise developmental funds for familial development in particular and church development in general. From reports to policies to laws to schemes, we have them all in place but what is lacking is implementation of the highest quality. As long as private development using public funds is the goal of our society, we will only have conferences and seminars advocating self-employment and encouraging the masses to think outside the box by those who deny us the means to think outside the boxes. Although some ray of hope exists outside the tunnel, we are currently content with only furthering the length of the tunnel that we find ourselves in.

•    All the above are however necessary. This corruption is deeply embedded even at the grassroot level. We are all birds of the same feather.

•    Transparency 

•    Transparency to the public in the allocation, distribution and utilization of funds provided. Give some degree of power to the Civil Society Organisation to make timely check on the above subjects. Educating the young generations about the impact that misappropriation of public funds will pose in the long run.

•    None of the above, It's a cancer, burn it or it kills

•    All of the above 

•    Transparency in governance

•    Reform new leadership... Fed up of those old schools

•    1&2 are same in essence

•    Change ourselves first

•    No treatment....bear wit it

•    Reformation Army is the need of the hour to tackle public funds misappropriation

•    Approach the central government for CBI investigation. This is only the solution, but very strong opposition and CSOs are needed. So far, no such very strong pressure groups are found in the state. That's why corruption could not be controlled.

•    Duty towards one's life, family and society and with a clear conscience is the only remedy for the parasitic and the corrupt worm that's eating up the future of our children. Reform has to start from kitchen as only a bottom up cleaning can choke the worm that sits on top of the pyramid of corruption which is causing self enslavement.