What do you think should be done to prevent child abuse? Give reasons

1. Raise Awareness:  
•    Point 1 includes all the mentioned points. Raise awareness about the consequences of child abuse, use the platform of church along with social media and all 

2. Stricter laws: 
3. Church and social service collaboration: 
•    Church and social service collaboration The chruch and the social service should play a very vital role in this by being a moral police. Child abuse is also a emotional trauma which needs to be dwelt with care. The chruch should speak and preach the truth in love and hold people accountable then only can there be change. Awareness creation is important but without accountability real results will not be seen.

4. Others:  
•    Another poll without a fourth option. That being said, the fact of the matter at hand is that, we must bring to light ABUSE in its various forms that has taken birth in our society over the years and how and why we must part ways with it. Child abuse being another materialised offshoot of abuse that even the perpetuator in most cases have experienced and the victim not aware of this form of abuse, prevention will come by when masses are educated through all the platforms that exists out there. Awareness is a starter and this must include all the sections of the society using languages/methodologies that all walks of life can comprehend. Using a one size fits all prevention methodology will in no way have the desired outcome but will remain just another activity that an organisation has to undertake to show that an activity has been undertaken to justify for the use of resources provided or to mark another international or national event. As a starter, people of all walks of life can be educated on this aspect within their environments by highlighting them on various platforms on a regular basis just as we see advertisements of products on various platforms on a daily basis that will cater to the various walks of life. If we can allow economic activity advertisements to be a regular highlight in our daily livelihood activity, we should take up social provocation advertisements as a regular aspect in our societal growth journey. Varied platforms will cater to varied sections of the society and as such, no platform can be looked at as a heterogenous entity but as a homogenous one that will bring to light awareness and tackle this offshoot of a larger social evil and eventually the social evil in the long run.

•    Social awareness is not going to help. The parents are dysfunctional and the children  grow in a unsafe environment.  The children go through abuse as the household is not stable. People breed without a clue..