What is the purpose of life?

Thepfulhouvi Solo

There are several unanswered universal questions about life in the world, of which: ‘To what purpose is life or what is the purpose of life?’  

It is only the second of several questions everyone asks himself or herself, at one time or the other of his life, and unable to find the answer, some even take their own life in frustration.

There are a few more questions, but let us deal with this one first.

‘The purpose of life is to complement other life without which life of one alone is incomplete and lifeless.'

The Angami language has no word for Desert: for him Desert is ‘Dead Land’ -Kijü Kesia. So in the Angami tongue the Sahara Desert is ‘Sahara Dead land’ because it is lifeless.

In the narrowest sense, the purpose of life is dual; to be alive, and the other, is live to be corresponding mate of the other and for each other.

Life isn’t good enough if it doesn’t agree to the life of the others; it is good life when it adds to the life of the others and less life, if it lives to its own self only. The factor that complements a lifeless land is rainfall; the desert and the rainfall are compensating mates; the two together are factors of worthwhile life that is good life to each other.  

This brings us to the question: what is good?

To be alive is good, for nothing can be perpetually alive without a compensating mate. To be living is to be able to perpetuate life of others.

Who says: ‘to be alive, and not be dead, is good.

What is good and to whom?  

God is life and anything that helps life makes God feel happy is good: death contravenes God’s purpose of life and hence doesn’t share God’s life and not sharing God’s life is to be dreary and lifeless.

But what is God?

Everything in the Universe is made out of particles of elements, but God isn’t made out of any tangible elements. He is of Spirit, invisible, inaudible, imperceptible and untouchable. He is cosmic force of light. God isn’t made up of long hidden; only recently detected but invisible ‘God’s Particle’, or the supposedly very recent ‘dark matter’ invisible, undetectable and said to fill up the entire inter-stellar places of the universe or spaces in the universe. 

If an infinitesimally dense magnetic object called black-hole, from nothing could explode in a big Bang some billions of Light-years [186000mile/secondX60’X60”X24hrsX30daX12mnths=1L/year] ago to form the whole of our universe, our solar system, our galaxies and still expanding; then it is nothing for the omnipotent, omniscient Spirit of God to be in existence fearfully and wonderfully before time and space in our universe came into existence and scientists say there are countless other Universes beyond perception of our Universe.

God is life, and wonder of wonders; He is living and has all the feelings and senses justice and gracious without limit. He has feelings for everything of the nature He created, particularly man out of the dust and breathed life in his nose into a living Man, and the woman out of the man’s rib-bone; for, He saw it isn’t good for Man to be alone.

Some learned may say this is just a fable; if so, let the person go three billion years backward and he will know it is true.

It is not known why God made the man first and the woman next, from the rib of the man, but God felt it good for them together complementary to one another.  

In fact every living creature, every plant that God made; He made one for the other corresponding individual and compatible to one and the other. Each kind of grass, each type of herb however small, each tree of each kind of plant wherever in the ground, He made male and female that complement each other or become extinct.

Even self-producing, egg-laying reptiles and worms have complementary individuals that would make them multiply and perpetuate the kind otherwise the kind would degenerate and become extinct.

The purpose of life, every kinds of life, is to be complementary to other and perpetuate each other.

Everyone has a duty to complement the other life and not:-

 “Am I my brother’s keeper?”