What is your biggest concern about COVID-19 right now? Give reasons

1. Getting infected: 

•    Getting Infected. Because if I get infected I do not know whether I will be able to recover or not. Moreover I don't want to create a fuss and a situation in my family.

•    Getting infected of course... I’m sure everyone would forget about economy or education, once they are infected.

2. Economy and livelihood: 

•    Because if there is better economy there will be a better livelihood and once the livelihood gets better education starts automatically which in short is like a vicious cycle.

•    Economy and livelihood ofcours. There is no live without both. Next is staying safe, education and others.

•    Nagaland has no self-sustaining economy, its purely money based economy-Nagaland Government and its associated departments have and will never do justice. For a state to be running for 57 years and no sustaining development insight, look at ourselves where we are today! The pandemic has shown us our true capacity and exposed our worst-weakness and strengths! Do we want to continue this downward spiral? We, you and I have to start thinking differently than yesterday, if we want our tomorrow to prosper and reap its benefits, but never through selfishness!

•    As per education is concern if economy is generating there is always a platform for education be it through normal class or online class. But once there is a stop run in economy people will be the most affected in terms of poverty. So the biggest concern right now is economy and livelihood for people to survive in this pandemic.

•    It's because of the COVID-19 that the economy has come to a standstill. Besides most households like us has been affected with no proper supplies or income. Many are starving due to No income source and increased in prices of goods and commodities we are unable to buy our needs. It also affected our education and plans which we cannot proceed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Hope for a better change!

•    If we have, 1 is the priority but if we do not have, 2 is the priority. Both are possible when we follow expert advice eg social distances, face mask, hand washing or sanitize.

•    Because thousands of youth outside Nagaland are compelled to left their job due to this pandemic and come back home, which most of them are breadth earner in a family.

3. Education: 

4. Others: 

•    Nothing matters, only Jesus matter.

•    Banning of fresh appointment by Nagaland Govt. Many young educated people are reaching superannuation (over age). Govt must lift banning appointment. Covid19 money comes from Central then why taking Advantage of saying to control covid19.  This is not Fair on the part of govt.

•    All of the above 

•    We are concerned about everything as of now, though some people are irresponsible during this pandemic but at the end nobody wants to get infected, economy and livelihood is important for survival, education plays a key role in every aspects of life. So as of now every reason are important.

•    I would be more concerned about the Naga Solution which will decide the future for generations to come. With the unlock happening gradually people looks less bothered about the Coronavirus with no face mask or social distancing. So it's every individual’s responsibility to do our own part if we want to avoid clause 1, 2 and 3.

•    All the above. But to be precise economy n livelihood. People r dying of poverty anyway if there is no job, failure of business, farmers facing distress etc.

•    The Stigma.

•    Almost all.

•    Government policies.

•    Stigma + stress + trauma = citizens distancing from testing. Sum total=increase virus.

•    Community spread.

•    The exaggerated FEAR about Covid-19 because of lack of correct information and the fear mongering social media.