What kind of representative would you vote for? Why?

 Some of those who voted, 'A Seasoned Candidate' had this to say:  

• At this time our situation needs some of the good seasoned candidates, some fresh ones and some honest and sincere ones.  

• It takes time to learn the How's of corruption.  

• I would go for seasoned candidate. We need to separate the chaff from the grain. Not all seasoned candidates are bad. We need to give the good ones a chance.  

Some of those who voted, 'A New Candidate' had this to say:   

• A new candidate who is capable and willing to change society by leading forward with positivity mindsets...  

• A new candidate... because Nagaland has become a ‘WHY’ state... Every nook and corner everywhere you Look, Hear and Feel it Stinks with that word with No answers… Only a new (that too) a magician- like candidate can save our poor Dilapidated and Battered Nagaland.  

• So sick and tired with the present  lots... Need to give chance to new faces and hope and pray that atleast they bring some changes.

• New leader, new candidate who fear the Lord and serve Naga in justice... God never bring those money monger and selling Naga for Christ to Money for their benefits candidates anymore.  

• A new candidate. A new leader with visions and ideas for development of Nagaland. A leader with leadership skills. A leader with a bag full of money with zero leadership skills is not my choice of candidate anymore.  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:   

• In our Nagaland context we need to go beyond seasoned or new candidates. Both won't work. What we need is a team of new candidate who are God fearing, sincerely love our community, intellectuals, well informed, men/women of vision for the common good and humble.  

• I would vote for an honest and sincere candidate that has the heart and a vision for the Naga people.  

• None of the above. Neither a seasoned nor a new candidate implies a truthful, hardworking and sincere leaders. So I would vote for someone else who has the integrity of character.  

• I would wove for a clean candidate who would serve the people than serve himself or herself because I’m extremely tired of seasoned but selfish politicians who are epitome of corruption!  

• Someone with a practical and honest manifesto, and one who can ideally differentiate himself from the other current and former nincompoop and moron politicians/candidates/robbers.  

• Simple and high thinking people with pro poor, pro constituency, and God fearing person.  

• We need a team of representative, who are intellectuals, God fearing, humble, having clear vision for our people, who is well informed and are willing to change the corrupt system created during the last 15 years to load public money.  

• Depends on who the candidate is, being a seasoned candidate doesn't mean an 'experienced' candidate. One can be a seasoned candidate with no credentials. Same with a new candidate, though a new candidate brings fresh perspective, everything new is not good. So I guess we have to look at who can bring the most impact and someone who is dynamic enough to lead, someone who is willing to listen, someone who is willing to walk back on the same road they took while campaigning for elections and hear the voice of the people. Someone confident enough to lead but also humble enough to accept his/her mistake and work on them.  

• WHAT FUTURE DO YOU ENVISAGE? Will the coming election bring any change?  

• Let all the representatives be under the control of the citizens in Nagaland.  


• A seasoned candidate or a new candidate to represent us is also important. A person with experience is a prerequisite to the effective functioning of Government. While it is essential to have experienced representatives, they have become corrupted and greedy as far as our eyes can see. So, to vote for such representatives at the moment may prove to be disastrous. Having seen this, one may opt to vote for a new candidate. But while it has become necessary to vote for a new candidate to eliminate the old ones and avoid further sufferings, it is significant that we examine the nature of the candidates foremostly before we vote them. Most of the candidates or all contest for Money and to benefit themselves. This is why it has become risky to vote for a new candidate as well. A seasoned candidate or a new candidate alone will not do. It has to be someone with principles, visions and concerns to work for the welfare of the people unlike the present representatives. It has to be someone who is well educated, well cultured and most importantly a God fearing man. Only then we will see change and i am ready to vote for such type of candidates in my case. Let us hope and pray that such type of candidates contest in this coming election, if not to vote for none may become the only option in the end.  

• Definitely not the old (current) MLAs back, which would be suicidal and sheer foolishness knowing that under their so called leadership, we've seen our state go from bad to worse.  

• A candidate who is for the Naga people, who love our land and never compromised with our future.  

• It is neither a seasoned candidate nor a new candidate but a person who wants to give their life for the people of Nagaland. A selfless dedicated action oriented and development focused person should lead Nagaland.  

• A capable and honest candidate.  

• Candidate who has a will to serve the people...  

• A candidate who has felt and will continue to feel the pain and hardship of the common people of Nagaland. If no such candidate, I'll vote for NOTA.  

• Non... If the options are put out in this frame (random order) Who are you as a voter ?

1. Interested to exchange your integrity and right for money or promise for jobs.

2. Interested to involve in partnership with and affirmative action with candidate/ party with a relevant issue;

3. Hold your commitment/ franchise till all sides have been presented for your consideration... including from seasoned and unseasoned candidates.

4. Take moral responsibility for your honesty and integrity or expecting the candidates to vicariously bear your shortcomings and mistakes. In other words a choice between slavery or emancipation. Until you have made up your position clear to yourself on the 4th point, the election exercise has not proved meaningful.  

• I am praying for a leader who fears the Lord...  

• The One Who Fears The Lord (Born Again Christian).