What media platform do you use most frequently as daily news source? Give Reasons

1.    Newspaper: 

•    Newspaper prints can be maintained as proof, so they give quality , social media is in control of zubair kind of fake fact checks, tv and radio media is in control mostly big family political parties so they keep spreading false news in favour of their parties only

•    In social media you will find a lot of market gossips and opinions. In TV you will see a lot of immature and incomplete news. In newspapers you will read news that still has a lot of room for improvement, but news that has been gathered by experienced hands. Media in Nagaland still has a lot of catching up to do.

•    For reliable and verified news, the newspapers in Nagaland are still the best source for news and information. The other mediums still have a long way to go as far as news is concerned.

•    With the new media blooming newspaper have an opportunity to do things differently. No one can deny that when it comes to real news, nothing beats newspapers. Our local newspapers must see this as an opportunity to do real indepth stories.

•    Definitely newspaper when it comes to verified and authentic news. Of course social and digital media has a much wider reach but when it comes to news, they miss the point. It is more noise than news.

•    Newspaper - most reliable

•    100 percent Local Newspaper.

2.    TV: 

•    TV has best potential to grow because it is real time news and it is good to see television expanding in Nagaland. But sad to say that the quality of news is far below standard. It looks like most of the people in the two TV channels of Nagaland are not trained journalists. This is evident by the recent news on the Mokokchung hospital reporting. The owners of the tv channels should invest in well trained reporters who follow reporting ethics. At the moment we have too many youtubers and facebook group admins who have been given the responsibility of creating news for the channels. At this rate their credibility will go out.

3.    Radio:

4.    Social/Digital Media:

•    Can read many newspapers online

•    Because picture speaks louder than words.

•    Gets information much faster than other means and also receives information anytime and anywhere.

•    Most media outlets are manipulated and controlled. For that reason, i skim through various news channels in YouTube and subscribe the ones that seem unbiased. I want media that is honest.

•    Tv news shows hate, not people's friendly but party friendly..not truthful most of the time

•    Cant effort newspaper fee... and Tv only 2nd hand android phone.