What qualities do you expect from your leaders? Give reasons

1.    Honesty: 

•    Almost all people who stood up as leaders are capable and have a great vision but what they lack is the honesty for their visions and their works

•    If a leader is HONEST, everything will fall in its right place

•    Honestly is the best policy. Without it one can't attain the rest

•    Honesty. A person could have the other two qualities but if they're not honest then all you have is a crafty cunning leader who can even get away with every wrong deed

•    To be a leader, one must possess the quality of being honest. It is her/her honesty that makes people trust him/her

2.    Visionary:

•    A visionary leader is an individual who sees the potential for how the world should exist and then takes steps to get there

•    Gives Hope for better life

•    Visionary. If it is added all good things will follow suit naturally

•    Visionary. Because an honest leader may not be visionary or a capable person might not be honest. But a visionary person can always see what a forthcoming

•    If they are visionary, they'll have all the other attributes of a leader

3.    Capability:

•    A vision without a capable hand is a thin sheet of paper and honesty doesn't always mean the masses are educated enough to understand the complexity of the problem. Capability simply means to accomplish, and to accomplish goals, however small but within the right frame of time should suffice the needs for growth

•    Capable - only an honest man with a vision can be termed as capable

•    Capable. You can be honest to a fault but you still need take action. You can have great ideas yet still lack the skills to accomplish your dreams

•    What if he/she is honest but has no vision? Or has visionary goals but not honest? If he is capable, he would be honest and have visions too. CAPABLE

•    Capable as if he or she is capable. He/she, would be honest and visionary

4.    Others:

•    A public servant that will encourage the masses to be able to seek knowledge for the growth of oneself thereby contributing to societal growth. Examples are a plenty from history books and as such, a willing individual who leads by example is the need of the hour. An example is from James Watt who we give credit to in most discussions on the steam engine but it was Thomas Newcoman who laid the groundwork for James Watt to bring changes to his work based on the need of the time. If and only if willing individuals take from history and seek to improve upon an existing nomenclature, then we can improve on our societal aspirations. In my opinion, an individual willing to learn, relearn and unlearn is a needed quality in our human life cycle within the societal culture

•    An Honest leader without Vision and Capabilities will not change our lives. A Visionary leader without Honesty and Capabilities will only keep dreaming. A Capable leader without Honesty and Vision will lead to extreme corruption. Morung Express, do not limit a society, even in idea, with possibilities of have everything best. It's not like one can have only one good thing. If it's only expectations that you want, it can be limitless

•    All the options given are very much needed for a leader

•    We need servant leaders and not the kind of leaders who put themselves at the peak of the pyramid as in a hierarchical setup. Servant leaders work with their followers in daily interactions. They are the leaders whose personal lives speak louder than words. They have the ability to meet people where they are and guide them to where their social, economic, and political status could become the envy of the world

•    If it's based on Nagaland than sorry wrong question

•    Imna Along (BJP) is gearing up for this coming election with all the 60 seats. No sharing with Rio. 

•    Wrong question too

•    Oath practiced

•    Integrity and honesty

•    Visionary and honesty


•    1+2+3

•    3 & 2

•    Honesty with vision and capabilities to do things straight that’s what I call a leadership qualities

•    From Nagaland, none of the above

•    Obviously ... Visionary & Honesty which is not with the present ministers and MLAs

•    Honesty and visionary!! Then obviously he/ she'll be a capable or abled leader

•    Leader should have 1,2,3. Without it, is he/she even a leader?

•    All the three

•    Others - Reason is None of the above

•    None. We need true leaders, and it includes all the 4 options or more

•    I have the uncommon reply for the most common question. The problem is that most of the ministers are retired officers. Retired officers meaning they are already tired of their duties. And how do we expect a tired man to carry another load to the peak.