What should be the priority for Nagas in 2007?

Political Settlement:
•    Well it is a known fact that the Govt. which ever it maybe is always highly corrupted! and so far most of the political issues are unsolved which shows how weak is our govt. in many things. As a citizen of this State I just wish that the govt. is more honest with their work.
•    I say political settlement. The more we avoid the demand for political settlement, the more our spiritual being is affected and our development becomes immaterial. Political settlement is the need of the hour.
•    Once the 50-plus year old thorn of political strife is tackled, maybe we can work towards other things.
•    There can be nothing good and lasting thing in the absence of Indo-Naga political settlement.
•    Political Settlement needs priority because Nagas will not get another chance like this one for a peaceful settlement. The others are equally important, but basing on the situation, I say political settlement should take importance, if not, Nagas will miss the bus again, which will lead to more bloodshed.
•    Because it really brings unrest to the hearts of the people
•    It has to be political settlement. The lack of settlement is causing lot of bloodshed and animosity. Finding a political settlement will not answer all the questions, but it solves one of the biggest problems. No doubt to find a political settlement, there needs to be spiritual awakening also.
•    Nothing could be achieved unless there is political settlement.
•    Political Settlement, because 1. It is the denial of rights, justice and freedom, 2. It is the violations of human rights and criminalization of politics, 3. It is the longest struggle for peace, rights and freedom in post 2nd World War in 20th and 21st century. 
•    Political settlement, it is the basis on which development will grow. Without political settlement, development will be affected.
•    Political settlement, but in fact they are all inter related to each other. They are all required because one cannot do without the other.
•    Political Settlement, a settlement is required, otherwise this fighting is destroying us all and before we know it, it would have completely ruined us. We need a settlement so that we can move on.
•    Nagas are deep rooted in their political struggle which involve Nagas of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur. Inspite of certain faction trying to polarize Naga society. Political settlement must be the priority during 2007.
•    Political settlement of the decade’s long vexed Naga embroglio should absolutely be given top priority along with the one of the most necessary ingredient in a man’s life, spirituality. We the Nagas definitely need God’s guidance and mercy and development must be there too. But it can wait I guess.

Spiritual Awakening:
•    Without political settlement there could be no development. How can we develop by letting other people drain our brain and wealth. Spiritual awakening should be the first priority followed by political settlement. Then automatically comes the development.
•    With true spiritual awakening the rest will automatically follow.
•    Nagas should realize that nothing will work out if we don’t put God first. For everything is under His control. Its time for us to reconcile and join our hands in asking His grace once more. Our God is a loving and a merciful God. Who listens. Just that we have to 100% surrender all woes of all kinds. Hope 2007 mark the beginning of Prioritizing God more than anything else!!!
•    Because only out of a spiritual awakening, will we see real change. Sin is the root of everything that is wrong in our society.
•    God first.
•    Spiritual awakening it has both political and developmental so do political and development Nagas need all.
•    The most important priorities for Nagas in 2007 is to Humble ourself to God so as to forgive n forget our mistakes one another. what is impossible with man is possible with God. Through this only we can be Unite. Kuknalim
•    When Naga hunger for spiritual truth and awakening from within the hearts of the people, unity, forgiveness, justice, true understanding as one people, one nation, and one Nagalim will be realized and nobody can stop the development in Nagaland. Right now, Naga are not awaken spiritually, some are confused and misled and misguided by few state politicians through Indian agency as their faith and spiritual life is lacking. Christianity most people think of only social status and popularity which is totally wrong unless we are born again through the finished work of Jesus Christ for redemption of His blood, based on new covenant of Jesus Christ, Naga will face the same messed up problem in all areas of life. Pastors and leaders of Naga need to have deeper understanding and anointing of the holy Spirit. Naga must believe that we are under new covenant of grace through the blood of Jesus Christ.
•    When we seek the kingdom of God first then all the political settlements, developments, peace, justice will follow, to do otherwise will lead to unfulfilled and incomplete, life in every area of our lives. Give God the chance to work in our lives in 2007.
•    Spiritual Awakening, or else turmoil beyond control

•    Development is the key to success and building up a bright future for the next generation
•    Development is the need
•    All are related to development. No development no settlement and awakening
•    Development, it’s a must as it covers all issues even political and spiritual arena and which can be a vital key to any good settlement.

•    All three should go hand in hand. But I would like to say, without knowing and seeking God first and His will for the Nagas we will be in the blind man’s road. For Political settlement the leaders and the Naga people needs the wisdom of God.  Development should be the product, the fruit of the good that needs to be produced (without discrimination of the region) as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  
•    We Nagas are a confused lot. There is no definite direction as to where we are heading. Be it political settlement, spiritual awakening, or development. Nothing can be achieved.