Which measures do you think are required to minimise rising traffic congestion in some places of Nagaland?

Increase traffic personnel: 
•    More traffic police should be deployed in GS road, parking of two wheelers should be strictly followed the defaulters should be penalized especially those who are inserting two wheelers in the four wheelers parking places.

Strict implementation of traffic rules: 
•    All of them are very much significant, but from the above mentioned "strict implementation of traffic rules" can ensure less traffic congestion and less unwanted incidents- accident.

•    All of them are very much crucial...to my opinion, option 2 would give more relief to the stress on traffic congestion particularly in Dimapur city.

Optimise public transportation: 

•    Need flyovers at junctions and more bridges to connect more roads. Regulate building constructions near the roads. Allocate land for parking area. Educate public on driving and parking. Strict mandatory class and test to obtain driving licence. Only then, the above three option could be considered.

•    Simply build a mega structure parking hall in the form of an arc just above the traffic road which can act as a tunnel below for car passing and above for car parking which is multipurpose in structure or else restriction or tight rules is not going to work because vehicle number in Nagaland is unavoidable.

•    There must be a policy that is consistent in places like Dimapur and Kohima. Whenever the DCP (Traffic) is changed in Dimapur and a new one comes in place the new officer changes the existing policy. There is not consistency. This means every officer is doing thing according to their own wishes. This shows that the government is not serious.

•    A vehicle is a metal box with wheels catering to a section of society who wishes to stand out in this ever growing unequal society. As long as we look at owing a vehicle as a need, we as consumers become a product of the consumerist propaganda and cycle will only continue. In the mean time, we can all enjoy sitting in traffic and complain about it except on sundays, when one can actually drive a vehicle.

•    The police traffic personnel need proper training and orientation.

•    Trucks and commercial lorries should not be allowed into the town area of Dimapur during the day time. Actually, this policy was there in the past. But every time a new DCP of traffic comes the policy is changed. Maybe every time a new officer in charge comes the truck unions negotiate new policy.

•    Implement traffics lights and develop the roads

•    Repair existing alternate routes as per specifications, build more flyovers and build more alternate roads

•    Some suggestions:

    Create ring roads around Dimapur and Kohima so that inter-state vehicles need not enter congested town roads. New business entrepreneurs to branch out of congested areas and set up shops in new areas

    Government to forbid new schools and big business in congested main town areas. For new roads and new colonies, Government to issue rules for bigger roads keeping in mind parking and footpaths requirements

    New establishments like schools and businesses to arrange parking spots such as allotting ground floor for parking or making underground parking facilities

    High parking fees in town areas to discourage unnecessary car use such as in big cities like Paris or London
    Improve public transport

    Encourage and promote two-wheeler taxis and create apps like Uber

    Online taxis like Ola and Uber to start functioning in major towns like Dimapur and Kohima. If we have more public transportation and online taxis, there will be less need to own a private vehicle.