Whitney Houston ‘Reaches Out to Dionne Warwick’

Whitney Houston has reached out to her cousin Dionne Warwick for advice on how to deal with her troubled daughter Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi, 17, was recently pictured snorting cocaine while partying with friends on two different occasions earlier this year.
“Whitney knows Krissi needs help, but she didn’t know which way to turn,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “She shelled out $49,000 to enroll Krissi in an outpatient program at Talbott Recovery in Atlanta. But then Whitney pulled Krissi out of the program after one day because she was afraid of what Krissi would tell the other addicts in group sessions. Krissi has been fighting rehab anyway, saying she’s not addicted to cocaine. Whitney had seen Dionne on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and was impressed with how she kept her cool. So she put out a call to her. Dionne agreed to help, and she told Whitney straight out that she may be a movie and singing star, but she’s got to spend more time at home. Most importantly, she needs to get more involved with her daughter! She also told Whitney that Whitney had to step up as a single mom. Dionne told her, ‘Krissi needs you. You’re her only hope.’”