Why Holy Cross alone?

In apropos to the news item that appeared in the daily local English paper “Morung Express” on 01-04-06 titled “Holy Cross School cross over holiday”, I make a rejoinder to state that the news item was biased with the intention to defame the long standing name of Holy Cross School Dimapur.

There was absolutely no confusion among the students and teachers as mentioned by the paper. The attendance in the school was normal as on any other regular days. And the school authority with all its respect declared half holiday bearing in mind the consequences if a holiday is given without prior information. In a metro city like Dimapur, prior information should be given for a holiday especially when it means for school children. Students come from both near and far off places and declaring a holiday with sudden notice causes confusion and fear in the minds of parents and children. Bad experiences in the past have made the authority to be more cautious and prudent in declaring a holiday. Over and above, very many other Catholic Institutions in Dimapur kept their school going without a holiday, then why so biased in pin-pointing only that of Holy Cross School? Any hidden agenda? Why try to defame the school name and create a story when there is no stuff? The School authority will be grateful if the concerned paper looks into details as to why before they release in to the press.

Holy Cross School, Dimapur