Why Nagas need equi-closeness

The term equi-closeness may be considered and treated as a gift of God for the Nagas at this particular social and political juncture in Nagaland. The objectives and its meaning is to bring changes towards our mindset and put into practice for peace, unity and reconciliation among different sections of people in Nagaland. As such, in order to implement the Peace Committee into more effective way the government of Nagaland may broaden its platform including tribal representations, NGOs, Church leaders etc. because every Naga citizen have a right to live in a peaceful environment in the society.

The general public cannot accept the adopting policy of the term Equi-closeness by the present “DAN government had created confusion and more bloodshed within the Naga society” as commented by Hon’ble MLA Huska Sumi, a JD (U) Legislator in comparison to the previous government who had adopted the policy of Equi-distance. We should also acknowledge that for this reason even the government of India knowing the fact introduced and work out the cease fire agreement to the two prominent NSCN factions and continuing the peace talk in order to hammer out the long standing Naga issue. Henceforth, anyone trying to discard the present DAN government policy of Equi-closeness should bring out and suggest alternative, relevant and acceptable policy for the Nagas rather than Equi-distance within the Naga society.

Raben Tsopoe, Press Secretary
& Chaplain, NPF Wokha Division