Will the Clean Election Campaign be more effective if pastors lead with commitment, dedication and integrity? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, it will be far more effective and I totally agree. For Naga community the Church plays a very important role and if the pastors can take the lead the followers will even sacrifice.  

• Yes. Integrity and humility  

• Yes it will be of great success if pastors and church leader walk the talk..100%  

• Nbcc is neither involved nor playing politics, it is the spiritual responsibility of the Church leader to lead and guide the members to the right place and right paths. I feel it is the sole responsibility of the church leader to play a vital role because its a kind of spiritual war between good and evil.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. It is very hypocritical for church leaders to involve in clean Election campaign when they themselves don't utilise the huge donations and tenth tithe they received from common men. Church and Politics must not touch each other. Period!  

• No. If they do it in the right spirit,yes and as a neutral observer. But the theologians in Nagaland being like any secular people in thoughts, lifestyles etc. where they themselves had never condemn corruption, its not a good idea. They will start to think that that they will have a say in every aspect of administration, politics etc. Where the Churches involves too much in state politics, only bad things happens. Just think of Philippines, the most morally degraded country in Asia, next t o Thailand.  

• Na!! It'll be the same.  

• Politicians are politicians So I will choose "No". Money can ruin many life's And Nagaland churches are like doing competition. who build the big church will be in Asian No.1 biggest church... Instead of building Big churches why don't this Pastors build house for the beggars. Every day beggars are increasing in dimapur and this rich politician n pastors are just building houses and churches were is the money going?  

• Naga Christians are money monger people... church leaders should not involve in political moments. NBCC took the wrong step... church is for soul winning... not for election and hornbill festival and other cultural shown purpose. Why NBCC and Naga Christians try to act lordship? As long as there is a world political exist as christian believe too. But these two will never meet in one place because each has its rules and practice. Church for soul winning and tell the truth. Whereas political is by aim of hide and seek . Black to white. So east and west never meet. Spiritual things and carnal things never get along  

• No matter how bad the status of the political affair of the state maybe, religion should stay out of politics.  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Pastor is the shepherd of the flock. Sheep normally follow the shepherd. Pastor should model the way for his followers to emulate.  

• True, the Church leaders can do a lot by leading with commitment, dedication to the call of Clean Election but it all comes down to the citizens who will be electing the leaders. People should know the value of their votes and vote for people who can actually lead and not someone who buys vote. We would also be kidding ourselves if we expect a 100% success in Clean Election in the first attempt. Even if the call for Clean Election is a 50-60% success it would be a good head start and we should not leave it from there but rather move on to achieve 100%. It is great shame that the CM of another state while speaking during the Hornbill Festival talked about the issue of buying votes. Now he must not have said that with no reason, if the politicians were listening they should take note and also commit themselves to working for the development of the state and not just buying votes.  


• Every/most politician must belong to a church and so the impact of all the pastors who lead the congregations faithfully and with integrity, can guarantee the potential for a radical change in our situation! Most of all, all these pastors should not lust after money, fame and power, and treat the rich and the powerful followers as equal to even the poorest or the weakest member of the church, then our society will surely change!  

• The question is does the Shepherd genuinely go out to the field in search of the lost ones? or for building development only.