Will the possible passing of Lokayukta Bill solve the problem of corruption in Nagaland? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Nagaland is a failed state and it's main sickness is Corruption. All of us are corrupted. The Lokayukta may not be able to catch all the corrupt officers and politicians, but it will catch a few and it must make an example of them. At best the Lokayukta can only serve as a deterrent.  

• Yes, provided that right are people nominated to the Lokayukta.  

• Because the entire government’s sole intention is only to mint money & nothing else.  

• Yes, because Corruption is the Disease and Lokayukta is the Cure.  

• Yes it may not solve the entire problem of corruption but if it is used well it can reduce corruption in Nagaland.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• Just passing some bill will not change anything. Has the Lokayukta been successful in completely eradicating corruption in any of the states in India? The answer is no.  

• I don’t know why some of the Naga groups are so insistent on some of these Indian mechanisms when we know that it will not solve the problem. We must find our own cultural mechanism to solve such problems like corruption.  

• It’s only an escape route for those criminals, who had accumulated public fund who faces impending danger because they can use money to suit their interest. We are at our lowest.


• People have to change. Just as Anti-Dowry Law has not curbed the practice because people don't want to change it.  

• The government isn't the only one responsible. The root cause of all the collapse and corruption stems from the people who put the irresponsible politicians in power. Real change can be brought when the voters realize that denying bribes will be more beneficial in the long run. But this situation is too idealistic, of course. In the end, the real responsibility passes from the people and onto the politicians on whom we place the blame for every administrative problem without realizing how hypocritical we are of the situation.  

• Overall standard of the citizens is also lacking. Blaming only the government will not work if majority of the people do not have civic sense and responsibility.  

• Not by a long mark. The Lokayukta is a good tool but it is not sufficient to solve all the problems.  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Nothing can "solve" the problem of corruption. No society is corruption free. But there are measures to 'mitigate' it, and I believe setting up Lokayukta in our state can be a step forward; provided the bill is properly drafted after taking into account all possible and feasible scenario and eventualities in the context of our state, and not just copy and paste phrases from others' Acts.  

• Naga mindset has to change if we are to win the battle over corruption.