Will the Register of Indigenous Inhabitants Certificates of Nagaland (RIIN) be an effective mechanism to control migration?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. If the Government is truly committed.

•    RIIN is for identifying Nagas of Nagaland by Blood and Indigenous non Naga Tribe of Nagaland with cut of year from 1963. Than with RIIN registration ILP will be implemented

•    Yes in one way.

•    Yes. Subject to quality of implementation and it should implement VERY EFFECTIVELY as mentioned in the notifications, else just a scam.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No use... Better implement ILP properly throughout the state and tighten up the administration office with measures to check illegal issue of Indigenous certificate.

•    The problems of migration are primarily an economic one. The best way to control migration is for local people to take up positive roles in developing their economy. There is not other shortcut.

•    No. It will create further complications.

•    No. ALL RIIN does is recorded the numbers and details of the indigenous population similar to Aadhaar card, question is if the migration is going on now without the RIIN, RIIN is a toothless tiger invented to fool and make the government look like it is doing something positive to prevent migration, when it is aimed at the locals, migration will continue with the RIIN as  RIIN DOES NOT prevent migration in any way. Once again we are fooled by the government. To control migration, active check post etc needs to be deployed. A piece of paper has never controlled migration anywhere in the world.

•    No. Another way for corruption.

•    No. Bob Marley sang you can’t fool the people all the time. But here in Nagaland the people are being fooled all the time. The RIIN is a reactive decision on the part of the government. There are existing laws such as the ILP, ST, Indigenous Certificate and so on. Yes they are not perfect and there are loop holes. Will getting the RIIN be any different? The same loopholes will continue to exist in the implementation of these policies. It is better to plug the loopholes and then see if the existing policies need to be replaced. There is no rush to be so reactive. The Assam Government took years to do their NRC and here the Nagaland government is saying that the RIIN will be completed by September. This is sheer incompetence.

•    No. It lacks foresight and there is not enough discussion on this issue. This only shows how the PDA government is trying to force its way with policies. 

•    No because nothing in the RIIN implies it is to check the illegal immigrants. It will only lead to division among the people of Nagaland. 

•    No. Govt ineffective

•    Not at all…! The best mechanism is to digitalise the entry and exit of migrant works. Computerization of inner line permit should be initiated.

•    No... no law or register will be effective if our mindset does not change drastically...In fact, this may give legality to many illegal.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    This RIIN has come all of a sudden. A committee was formed for ILP and rather than measures to strengthen the ILP the government has come with RIIN. This is creating more confusion and it has long term consequences which have not been considered at all by the government. This RIIN will no doubt be passed because most of the Naga organisations and Hohos have no choice but to support RIIN. Nagaland is going through a tough time with no leaders with vision. 

•    Has the NDPP government and the tribe Hohos considered how this RIIN is going to affect Article 371 A? 

•    It may not, but check illegal migrants.

•    Strengthen ILP, no need for new laws. 

•    Depends on the officials carrying out this exercise.

•    When you have so many adopted undocumented migrants with Naga names, who speaks Naga language and some who have land and say in so many villages especially in Dimapur district. I have a fear that might legalize some them.

•    Will the RIIN with no bias, in letter and in spirit exclude those Adopted and Maternal non-Nagas? If No, then no use for RIIN.

•    Regulations fail not due to the flawed-ness it exhibits, but due to insincere implementations by organisations in particular and also the lack of awareness of the masses in general. Implementations come with a robust system of coordination between organisations and heightening a proper sense of responsibility of officials from the lowest to the highest in place. When public officials perform to serve individual aspirations and not public aspirations, even a rupee earned through illegal means is wealth generation for them which is worth the time spent and hard work applied in reaching the workplace. Improving upon the old regulations and cleansing the functioning of organisations involved in the delivery of public services through the various sets of regulations for various organistions is the need of the hour. The ILP has been and will continue to exist and as such, improving on that and also taking cue from the recently Abheshik Singh Committee Report to improve migration movements is the need of the time. Generating awareness and strengthening political will through informed choices must be initiative taken up in today’s time and not through uniformed concerns of various organistions and the public and hasty regulations and policies from the government in trust to calm the time and again misguided and uninformed concerns.