Women discouraging Women’s Empowerment

K. Filip Sumi

Like a man that is human capable of thinking, feeling and doing things, a woman is also a human being having her own ability to think, feel and do certain things with no amount of inferiority in her, except for physical vigor...

Indeed, women are stronger biologically because of their procreating ability.

However, in spite of the male’s physical superiority he too needs the same food that women consumes for survival. There is no way that he can survive by smoking or because he is stronger. Like wise, a woman can’t stay alive just because she is pretty and beautiful. 

Then, given their equal existence and this is what a person fighting for equality shall think, needs none becomes superior over the other for their robust nature or soft nature. Both have equal rights and privileges in being a part of the society. So why are women not allowed to be equal with men? Why are they always associated with inferiority?

In an earthly manner, safe for our original parents which was a Godly way, every man comes out of a woman and this is where the larger gratitude and respect for woman should exist at all costs. In this rational world, a woman should no longer be considered impure for her monthly stress. In fact some optimists would view that as a cleansing cycle both physically and spiritually, for it actually cleanses and relieves the feminine body and because our creator willed so.

There are thousands who regard woman as a mere tool and commodity in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Incidentally, in some society, a woman does all the works that requires male energy while man lazes, drink and sleep. The greater number of the people that regard woman as a commodity comprises of these lazy men. These are the people who think that woman are far privileged because they also walk on the same earth that men walk and for breathing in the common air

But unlike the past where almost every woman was confined to the four parameters of their kitchen, these days the presence of women in public affairs is being felt at a reasonable level though not enough. They are proving their administrative ability in various areas which men thought they would never be capable.

More women are coming to the forefront in decision making. A women becoming a Gaon Bura is a great jump towards the upliftment of the status of woman in our society.

There should still be bigger moves to push woman forward. No doubt, women has been labeled as the weaker section of the society but in a cultured society where the stress of equality is more and strong, people, instead of taking advantage of women’s weaknesses should adopt policies which can make the label a little lighter. For that, a committed society should find it easy to reserve some seats absolutely for women where only a woman candidate will contest against woman. That would be the absolute way of empowering woman and it will take women forward with greater speed. Otherwise, the staunch talk about empowering woman would always remain a staunch talk and nothing more

But the most discouraging factor is that even the legislators who speak of giving opportunities to woman are not willing to sacrifice their seat or constituency to be solely reserved for woman. Maybe that’s the inner reason; the bill for 33% reservation is still sucked in the parliament. But it is speculated that the Women’s Bill is likely to be discussed this session. So if we don’t make way for such moves then, the talk about pushing women forward may be wrongly pushed by the road side. Therefore, some grand steps and sacrifices should be made to make women empowerment a reality

However, in the midst of all these talks, people advocating such measures also have their reservations about the appearance of woman in society especially these days. The Naga society in the past rarely saw offences in the form of dress by females in public with the exception of our forefathers for their unawareness of decency or rather because civilization and modernization was still far behind for which they were not able even to cover themselves appropriately in those jungle leaves and animal skins. But at this stage where proper dressing should be an old learned lesson there are still some learning to evolve as proper human being to be able to present themselves decently in society.

While some strive for the upliftment of the status of woman and try to do away with the notion of women being as a commodity, there are still a large number of females who themselves make their counterparts regard that they are a commodity which can be sold and bought.

Indecency in the dress habit of modern girls is on the rise day by day. Transparency, skimpiness, less clothes on the body seems a grand fashion especially in summer. Some even say summer is a ‘shameless season’. Thin, super tight fitting garments are not out of the scene and the shapes and sizes can easily be measured by a causal observer where even a protruding pimple inside can be noticed.

It’s perfectly fine for them that they feel comfortable and they may look pretty but it embarrasses the public eye. How can a society ignore those scenes and not call them commodities? They can’t be ostracized for that reason because like mentioned earlier, they are also human beings and every human being is a social animal requiring one another. People come into contact with one another, communicate, observe and mingle together. Though it’s not the reason, it’s difficult not to look down women in such a society especially when they project themselves in such a cheap manner

One popular view that justifies the prostitution of women is that they are starved and so they become helpless and are forced. But the reality which is on the rise that a sufficient section of sex workers especially in Nagaland now are not underprivileged women forced to the profession for want of money but people with enough income and even well to do girls are into it because they are after some quick bucks.

Now if, the women themselves are allowing the society to look down on them by way of their indecency and inappropriate living, then, all kinds of moves and progresses to uplift them are hampered. Their empowerment gets highly discouraged. 

Some say that women’s position will change if only men change but the grass root changers should be women themselves because the change in question concerns them the most. But it’s not totally false that women in society would begin to change with the change in man. Man’s liberal and relaxing attitudes towards women can be of enormous leap in their status. That can be a small way to discover women’s potentiality, a gender that thinks as an outcast. A suppressed gender.

After all they are the reflection of society as of men.