Wondang- Ki, New life children home (NLCH)

The word ‘Wondang- Ki’ means house of light. This name is given because the underprivileged children are groomed here with the aim to brighten their future by giving them a ray of hope and a future that can assure them the meaning and hope for a better future.   

children’s home was started in July 2001 by N.Thungdemo Kikon.During the year, 1999, while he was doing his M.Th. at South Asia Institute of Advance Christian Studies in Bangalore, he had come home for an empirical research to write a thesis, it was in the course of this research that he was exposed to the plight of many orphans and he says that God gave him the burden and vision to start an orphanage. Yet, like in all things new, the starting was a big step to be taken.

On the 3rd of March 2000 which was also the graduation day of Mr. Kikon, the Evangelical Mission, India, approached him to help them in their work in the North-eastern regions. As if confirming God’s will, the mission asked him to start an orphanage in Nagaland. And so, after a year long ‘Wondang-Ki’ was started with 22 orphans. At present, it provides shelter to 33 children from all tribes (20 boys and 13 girls).

When the first patch of students came, Kikon thought he had taken the wrong decision, “children were so undisciplined and very wild and not only that but almost all of them had medical problems. I was so discouraged and stressed during the first six months. Today, I see transformed and jubilant kids whose changed life is a source of encouragement for me to work for children like them and to offer opportunity so that the underprivileged life of the orphans’ life could be transformed”, he said.

The children are send to El-Shaddai Academy, Eden Higher Secondary School and St. Teresa’s Little Kingdom School. Since the beginning of their academic year the children of this home have been doing brilliantly. At present they have four resident staff and one non-resident staff. In 2004 the children namely Temjenmongba, Yanpolumi, Arentula, Mughato and Konamondal were first rank holders in their class.

Everyday many desperate orphans come seeking for shelter in this home. The stories told about these helpless children are kind of cruel to a sensitive heart and it speaks aloud of many kids whose future is fixed by the cruel nature of their destiny, which could have been changed if given a chance.

However, due to inadequate space and infrastructure in the present home, located at Fellowship colony, Dimapur, they are unable to accommodate these desperate children in the home. Apart from this, ‘we do not have our own school and educating the children is becoming very expensive.’Kikon, lamented.

The children, while interacting with the correspondent, urged the people who would like to be a part of them in life changing service, to pray unceasingly for the urgent needs of the home also praying that God would speak to generous people through whose contribution their vision and God’s work might be accomplished.

Atongla Rothrong