Work with political will to end Manipur violence: CPI

Newmai News Network
Imphal | January 7 

The Communist Party of India (CPI) on Sunday alleged that lack of political will is behind the escalation of ethnic violence in Manipur.

Addressing a press conference held at Hotel Nirmala in Imphal today, national general secretary of the CPI, Palap Sengupta said even after more than eight months since the ethnic violence broke out in Manipur, both the Centre and the state government failed to act to bring back peace and normalcy in Manipur.

“We really don’t know after how many deaths of Manipuri people, our Prime Minister will visit Manipur. It is almost the same question people are asking: after how many thousand deaths of Palestinian people, Israel will declare a ceasefire.”

“The same question is raised here, how many people after being killed here, our Prime Minister will give a chance to visit Manipur,” he said.

Sengupta said that it is a shameful act that the whole world is watching what is happening in Manipur. So many things are happening in Manipur. But, the Prime Minister is silent, he added.

He (Prime Minister) speaks on almost every issue but chooses to remain quiet on the Manipur issue, the CPI leader also stated.
“Our party (CPI) discussed the issue of Manipur and we are of the opinion that our first priority is restoration of peace and normalcy in the state, to stop the killings and burning of houses,” he said.

Both the state and the Central governments should act to restore peace and normalcy in the state. If the governments do not act, people of all communities in Manipur will be the victims of the violence conflict, he also said.

He said, “India’s security agencies are very strong. Our army is ready to fight even China and Pakistan at the same time. But, if there is no political will, these security agencies could not stop the violence.”

“May be the government is looking for the upcoming elections and to use this violence as an opportunity for them to win the elections, because it has something to do with the forthcoming elections. This is our party’s suspicion,” the national secretary said.

The CPI emphasized there can be elections. But before the elections there should be a conducive political atmosphere so that the people can cast their votes and elect their representatives in a free and fair manner, he also said.

But, that might not be the case in Manipur, the CPI leader added.

Sengupta then said that the CPI had repeatedly requested the chief minister to do the needful for restoration of peace and normalcy and the party will once again request him on the same matter.

The party leaders in New Delhi will also try to meet the Prime Minister and request him to visit Manipur and convince the communities in conflict, he said.

He then said that the Prime Minister should at least take some steps so that normalcy can be restored in Manipur.

Sengupta, who came to Imphal to attend an extended executive meeting of the CPI Manipur State Council, said that the extended meeting held on Saturday has thoroughly deliberated the prevailing situation in the state.

The meeting resolved to urge the state government to convene the session of the Manipur Legislative so that it can discuss the prevailing conflict situation and adopt a resolution to end the violence.

The meeting further decided to launch a mass hunger strike to press the state government to convene the Assembly session and also to press the Centre and the state government to take up necessary steps to end the violence with a political will, he said.
Leaders of the CPI from Manipur also attended the press conference.