YAA replies to Tikhir officers’ statement

DIMAPUR, JAN 12 (MExN): In response to the rejoinder issued by three Tikhir officers- TL Kiusumong, EAC, Joseph Thongliu, DSP and SI Asangba, SDO (E) - the YAA today issued a counter-rejoinder by saying: “It is a known fact that Tikhir is not a tribe amongst the recognized tribes of Nagaland, therefore, availing opportunities of any form on behalf of any distinct tribe is illegal and against any established rules and procedure.” 

Pushing across their point that Tikhir is only a sub-dialect of Yimchungru tribe, YAA President Throngso and General Secretary L Yapmuli said that “as such, any person with the documents bearing the name of a tribe other than that of Yimchungru tribe cannot avail any reservation/Quota mean for the bona fide citizens of Yimchungru.” 

“The appointments of TL Kiusumong, EAC and Joseph Thongliu, DSP, through NPSC with indigenous, scheduled tribe and backward tribe certificates bearing Tikhir tribe vide Govt. order No: Home/ SCTA-10/2000 (TT) dtd. Kma the 26th Nov ’2002, which quotes, ‘since Tikhir is not yet as recognized tribe, they may avail the quota of Yimchungru backward quota’ is quite unbecoming on the part of the governmental authorities which is highly questionable by the YAA.”

The YAA has urged the government to immediately probe into the case and terminate the appointments of the three officers “so as to offer justice to the people of Yimchungru tribe” by replacing them with ‘competent persons’ holding indigenous certificate which say they belong to the Yimchungru tribe. “Failing which, it shall greatly hurt the sentiments of the Yimchungru community as a whole which may obstruct the smooth running of the whole system in the near future.”

In response to another query, the YAA said that during the Yimchungrü mob’s attack on TTC Advisor, Khesang, at Huhrongke Hydro Project several cases of whisky were recovered from a white-coloured Gypsy (NL-01-2742). The YAA alleged that Khesang was being escorted by “the terrorist outfit Limitsong.” 

“The attack frightened the armed Limitsong and the advisor who ran away ‘head over heels’ with the contained arms and ammunitions.”

The YAA said that in the course of the attack, it was learnt from a reliable source that the three officers had “financed the arms and ammunitions and other goods.”

While giving the clarification, the YAA further has demanded from the three officers, the and the President and the Advisor of the TTC to furnish within one week’s time from the date of this publication details relating to the personal involvement of T Torechu, MLA, Tsikilu, Hd DB, Thsandong, Dy commandant, V.G Kiphire, Luthong DB, Shenlithong, Supervisor besides some members of NSCNs and FGN in the attack of Kiusam town.

“In contrary to the allegation made by the so-called TTC, it is to note that Bokphur village had never been attacked at any point of time. After having made the stand clear, the YAA cautioned the trio officers along with their president and the advisor to refrain from any such misleading statements besides warning that if any untoward incidents happen to any YTC Officials, YAA officials, yimchungru MLAs, public leaders and any public of Yimchungru, the sole burden shall rest on you.” In conclusion, the YAA said it was imperative to mention that the Tikhir brothers that “false allegations and warnings” of “Tikhir brothers” will “never gain your selfish interest.”