YES to life, hope, peace and purity

LiveJam began in 2005 with a mission dedicated to bring and show the ‘NOW GENERATION’ that they can live their lives to the fullest and say NO to drugs, alcohol, violence and immorality by saying YES to life, hope, peace and purity.
For the first time the LiveJam team led by Bonny Andrews were here in Nagaland with his band members as part of the BreakFree Tour 2011.
The Morung Express in an exclusive interview with Bonny Andrews and his band members talk about their history, mission, music and many more.

MEx: To start off with, tell us what is LiveJam all about?
Bonny: LiveJam is a youth movement spread across India which desires to see urban youth transformed through the power of music and media.  LiveJam communicates the message of transformation through Music Concerts and Festivals, Radio and TV shows. LiveJam also extensively tours through schools and colleges in India spreading the message of transformation through personal testimonies and music.

MEx: What is the significance of the name LiveJam?
Bonny: LiveJam has a two fold meaning:
1. It means jamming live - Literally
2. Jam is an acronym for Jesus and Me, meaning experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus.
LiveJam desires to create a brand that will speak life and hope and transformation, which will permeate into the lives of urban Youth in India and around the world.

MEx: What is the purpose of LiveJam?
Bonny: Transformation of urban youth through music and Media. LiveJam desires to use the platform to create a brand that will speak life and hope and transformation, which will permeate into the lives of urban Youth in India and around the world

MEx: Any particular target group LiveJam has identified to minister to? If yes, why?
Bonny: We feel inspired by God to reach out to Urban youth in India.  We feel called by God to reach out to this group. We find many organizations and ministries focusing on Rural Youth but the fact is that there is a huge need to reach out to city Youth. They are the decision makers of tomorrow! They create the trends in clothing, music, food and culture. We need to influence them and redeem the culture back to God.

MEx: What song genre does the band enjoy performing live and why?
Asher: Contemporary Worship music with influences of alternative rock.
Bonny: We believe in restoring worship back to the lives of urban youth. Using contemporary interactive styles of music to attract young people.

MEx: Why is it important to grow in the Lord as an individual and also as a band?
Vivek: Our band is not just about music alone but more about introducing people to Jesus so it is important to grow in the Lord and also as an individual.
Bonny: Ministry is an overflow of our personal relationship and knowledge of God. We cannot lead people to a place where we haven’t been.

MEx: What influenced your growth as a Christian?
Denny: Lives of other Christian leaders and missionaries.
Asher: A desire to know God more and understand His will.
Vivek: God’s unconditional love for me, and His desire to use me.
Bonny: The history makers in the word of God and history makers who have walked the road ahead of us

MEx: As a believer what do you think is the biggest hurdle for a follower of Christ?
Denny: Pride.
Asher: Attractions of the world.
Vivek: Dying to my own passions and dreams and doing God’s will.
Lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

MEx: Any life molding experiences the artists would like to share with us which were pleasant or difficult which has molded the artist thinking, music, Christian walk and outlook on life? Or a personal testimony you would like to share.
Bonny: I grew up in a family where my Dad was an alcoholic and going through the motions of life in a home influenced by parties and get together. I put on a mask when I went to school and constantly looking for attention from people. I was famous for all the wrong reasons in school… I was an outstanding student… mostly standing outside class or the principles room… he he.  Once a teacher looked straight into my eye and said… I will never ever make it in life… Got into college and got involved in relationships… Once on the verge of a broken relationship I heard the voice of God telling me that He LOVES ME! It was so different from all the voices that I have heard in my life. I thought Christian Life was not meant for cool guys like me… I was overwhelmed by Gods Love... This transformed my life. Soon seeing my life changed, my dad’s life started to change and the same happened with my brother who was involved in drugs. Many of my friends gave their life to Jesus seeing my Life. Today, Schools and principles and teachers from around the country invite us to talk to the children about this story. Parents didn’t want to let their kids hang out with me in the past with all that was happening in my life… But now constantly getting calls from parents asking us to talk to their kids… This is the power of Transformation through Jesus Chris.
We now want to the same message to the kids out there… I was blind… but now I see... so you can see as well through Him.

MEx: What changes do you hope to bring about in someone’s life through the music?
Denny: Transformation, healing and intimacy with God.
Bonny: If one person’s life can be transformed through what we are doing, it’s absolutely worth the time.

MEx: How do you minister through music in your band?
LiveJam: We use songs that are very catchy and interactive. We normally turn the concert into a dance floor where everyone is jumping around and moving. I believe 1 song for 5 mins can touch lives sometimes more than a 30 minute sermon. We share our testimonies through the songs and bring out the message at the most receptive time at the concert.

MEx: Being a man that preaches the gospel, where does one get inspiration? Any verses you would like to share?
We get our inspiration from the word of God
Bonny: Isaiah 61:1 (The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.)
Asher: Philippians 4:13 (I can do all this through him who gives me strength.)
Denny: 1Timothy 4:12 (Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.)
Vivek: Matthew 28:19 (Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…)

MEx: Livejam has some connections with music artist from Nagaland, what is your understanding about Naga music talent? Any plan in the near future to work with Naga bands?
LiveJam: LiveJam has worked closely with a couple of bands from Nagaland (Divine connection and Dementia.) We strongly feel that Nagaland has a lot of potential and talent and we hope to work with many more Naga bands in the future

MEx: Is there any think you want the world to know about LiveJam about yourself personally that you would like to close this up?
Say no to drugs and yes to life! Live Out Loud!!

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