You can make a difference

Lanu Chang

One of the most inspiring lessons that I got in life is to believe in oneself that everyone has the capacity and capability to bring or to make a difference in the society we live. Either to make a difference i.e. good or bad depends on oneself; if your attitude towards life is positive then the difference that you make or bring will be a good one. On the other hand if your attitude towards life is negative then the result will be a worse one. Here is a true story of a young man who made a difference in another person’s life.

Joseph (name changed) was a young boy studying in his 10th standard, but he was not like any other easy come easy go type, he was partially handicap, his left arm was abnormal. He used to be very lonely, he had no friends, he was frustrated with life, and at the same time there was lot of problems even at home. One day he thought of committing suicide and as he was returning home from a medicine shop after purchasing some poison, he slipped and fell down and as a result all the CD’s and magazines that he was holding felled to the ground, he could not stand due to his hand. Peter (name changed) one of his classmate happened to be there. Peter immediately helped him to stand and picked up all the things and asked Joseph whether he can reach him up to his place, Joseph agreed and both of them reached Joseph’s living room. Peter happened to be a very funny guy, Joseph listened to all the jokes and stories of Peter. After spending some hours together they came to know about each other and they learned that there are many things in common between them, like the same taste in music, magazines, sports, and subjects. Joseph almost forgot his plan to commit suicide after meeting Peter. They became friends.

As years went on, they passed out their schooling together and both of them joined the same college. In college both of them were best of friends, they were always together whether in bad or worse times.

Finally their graduation day came, on that day when all the graduating students were in joyous mood, Peter who was also in the same spirit could not find Joseph in their usual meeting place, as Peter went on to search Joseph, he found Joseph inside the class room. As peter came near Joseph to greet him he found Joseph almost in tears, Peter could not understand what went wrong. Before Peter could say anything, Joseph said to peter “ THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE”. Peter could not understand what he meant. Then Joseph narrated everything right from the day they met and how he was about to commit suicide many years back and how he almost forgot that if it was not him (Peter), then he could have been no more in this world. Then both of them started crying. 

Well friends I hope that you have understood what it really meant to be good to other people, here in the above story Peter never knew about Joseph’s plan to commit suicide but Peter with his kind words, simple helping hand and friendship, unknowingly saved a life and he was rewarded with a friend like Joseph.

Remember that you can make a difference in the society. Today our society needs young people like you and me. If we ignore our duty today then tomorrow we wont be able to reply our younger generations. Will you like our younger generations to face the same problems, which we are facing today? If no then we will have to start from now.