Young Gaddafi was once a sex symbol in Lanka

Libya’s former foreign minister Moussa Koussa had more than 30 years ago written a university dissertation on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi – which has now been uncovered.
The 226-page study titled ‘The Political Leader And His Social Background, Muammar Gaddafi, The Libyan Leader’, provides a crucial insight into the Libyan leader’s mindset and gives a clear image of the young Gaddafi.
Koussa – the top-flight Gaddafi aide who defected to Britain – was at the time unknown to the dictator and had to rely on wealthy family connections to secure privileged access to him to complete his dissertation.
His work has revealed vital clues about the source of the dictator’s hatred of the West and in particular the British, linking this animosity to a previously unknown visit to London at height of the swinging 60s, reports the Daily Mail.
Gaddafi, who was sent to England in 1966 to complete his military training, claims that during his four-month stay in England he was insulted by British Army officers whom he accused of ‘oppressing’ him for days.
Further secret National Archive reports show that by the time Gaddafi came to power in 1969, the British Government considered him mad, moronic, messianic and a genuine threat to the security of the region.
The papers also reveal how Gaddafi’s table manners during a state occasion caused acute embarrassment – as he drank the water from a finger bowl because he didn’t know what it was for – and that the dictator was once a sex symbol in Sri Lanka.