Young musical talents ready for international stage

(From Left) Yanzo Kikon, Zubeno Mozhui, R. Kevichusa and  Nourhevilie Khate pose for a photo call on Tuesday, March 8 at Hope Centre for Excellence, Dimapur. (Morung Photo)
DIMAPUR, MARCH 8 (MExN): The term western classical music may be very common yet a majority of the Naga masses is yet of get an idea or the feel of the kind of melody it portrays.  Two young Naga lads have been chosen to perform with the German Orchestra. The boys both eighteen years of age are products of Hope Centre for Excellence, Dimapur and pupils of R. Kevichusa, a retired bureaucrat and a veteran violinist among the Nagas.
Naga violinists selected for workshop with Vienna Philharmonics
The boys, Nourhevilie Khate and Yanzo Kikon took up the violin from a young age.  Now their interest or rather passions have taken them to perform in front of an international audience.  They have also been selected to take part in a workshop: ‘Indian Youth Orchestra’ at Kolkata from April 18-22, undertaken by the Vienna Philharmonic under famed music conductor Vijay Upadhyaya. Their selection there provided them the privilege of performing with the German Orchestra during the German Chancellor’s visit in late May.
The boys’ journey so far was sponsored by Hope Centre and the Department of Art & Culture, government of Nagaland. The audition for selection to the workshop was held in January 28 at Kolkata. It is to be noted that it was an all-India audition where they were the only entrants from the north-east.  
Zubeno Mozhui, Director of Hope Centre for Excellence commenting on the achievement of the boys said: “We (Nagas) have it… what is lacking is the drive, commitment.” Mozhui hoped that the story of the two boys will be an inspiration for other Nagas who are into music.
R. Kevichusa commenting on the boys’ development so far said that the boys are talented.  Remarking on the common concept among Naga parents of wanting their children only to concentrate on studies he said that it is well and good, yet added that it would be very helpful if only they allowed their children to take up their personal interests basing on their talent and gift.