Youth's take on the effect of Assam NRC publication into our state- Nagaland

Kevitho Nightwing Kera: With the Draft of NRC out in Assam and over 40 lakh people without their names in the list,   Will they pour into Nagaland?  

Will our corrupt Naga policemen and border officials accept some few thousands and allow them safe passage?  

Will our ever gracious district administration approve their fake documents and give them residence in our land?  

Will our money hungry and power hungry Naga CSOs get diplomatic on this issue?  

Will our toothless Nagaland Government just go silent on this issue?  

Will the public of Nagaland just remain online Tigers?  

We got to do something and it doesn't have to be violent. Come on 40 lakhs! Imagine some 10-20 lakhs of these illegal immigrants pouring into our State! Stop being apathetic. We gotta do something guys. Students' orgs and youth body should get active now and press the Government on this issue.  

Koza Naga: I read the news and I'm totally taken by fear. Imagine 40 lakhs!! Nagaland population is barely half of those excluded. What becomes of us if the administration and police take few hundred bucks to give them fake certificates and free passes? Let us not allow any harbouring of illegal immigrants in our home state. Glad that administration and police are seen taking due course as of now by checking daily but it cannot be a one- time check; it must be a continuous process. It is everyone's duty that this unabated influx of illegal immigrants be checked and not given shelter. We need to be economical independent in our workplace. We are what we are today because of the choices we made yesterday.  

Abi Tetseo: A serious problem. All the Naga politicians, student bodies, Youths, organisations and all the concerned citizens of Nagaland must really do something in order to not get them settled down in Nagaland. It poses a real threat to our future generations. Even now we clearly see that all the big markets and even the small market to shops were running by the outsiders. They are slowly building up their economy in our land while we are foolishly giving them opportunities to work in our land (The paddy field land owners and shops owners). I always wish that the owner of those assets give opportunity to the local entrepreneurs and local farmers.  

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: 1st immediate solution - Home Dept will need to issue Order today itself (Not advisory) not to allow any non-NRC immigrant from Assam to step into Nagaland. 2nd solution (Can target 60-90 days) - Urgently push for strengthening ILP by implementing the ILP Reform Recommendations submitted by LSU to completely seal off all hill areas of Nagaland from illegal immigrants.  

3rd solution (Can target 60-90 days) - Bring Dimapur under ILP by invoking clause 2 of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 “2. Power to prescribe and alter inner line.” Without amending the Act but issuing an executive order to alter inner line and issue standardised statewide ILP guidelines.  

Longkumer Shaughnessy: If the Government doesn't take proper measures then the citizens would be compelled to take laws into their own hands. And such kinda action easily turns communal. The Government should be proactive during such times. 40 lakhs is a lot of people. with the accessibility to railway lines and no security measures, the probability is higher to enter Dimapur.  

Temjen Kichu: It's scary to think of the amount of illegal immigrants trying to find a place to relocate. Both Meghalaya and Manipur have tightened up their border and are closely monitoring the movement of people into their states whereas Nagaland seems to be least bothered. Guess where they will end up eventually... Dimapur!  

Atonoka Swu: Nagaland Govt., NGOs and all the Naga citizens should wake up! Moreover, the Police or any officers should be placed behind the bars if they try to make money out of it. The message for checking the illegal migrants had been sent continuously these many days since Facebook and WhatsApp came into being but no action till today. Now public should come out from their doors before it becomes too late.

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