Zeliangrong Volunteers react to ‘shareholders at Ntangki Park’ claim

Peren | May 20 : A little known group called the Zeliangrong Volunteers for Forest and Environment Protection (ZVFEP) has expressed shock and disproval to the news item carried in some of the dailies on May 17th 2011 pertaining to “shareholders at Ntangki National Park”.
The ZVFEP has out-rightly rejected what it termed as “the mischievous policy which has time and again been schemed by the landless encroachers”, the press note from ZVFEP stated.
The organization therefore has demanded the general public on the “authenticity of the individual and his cynical attitude to claim authority for such notification”.
“The press notification issued by a nefarious minded self- proclaimed Chairman of the so-called United Naga village Council who has not even mentioned his identity in the press notification has brought anger and condemnation”, the press note from the ZVFEP stated.
The ZVFEP therefore have demanded justifiable answer— if there be any— to the following points: “That if the so-called Chairman ever thought he has inheritance rights from his ancestors to organize and establish a village within National Park; That if he ever thought or dreamt about in his wishful thinking there is no original land owner of Ntangki National Park and that it is a paradise park for anybody and if ever if he ever thought that there is no government to protect the Ntangki National Park”.
ZVFEP, in its press note signed by Michael Zeliang has rejected and termed such claims and “pure diplomacy which is not even familiar to the best knowledge of any Nagas”.
The organization has charged the self-proclaimed chairman for disturbing the peaceful atmosphere at National park.
“Establishment of your village within National Park by using Nagas’ name would not bring any solution to your selfish desire”, the note informed. ZVFEP is determined to fight to the last to protect and preserve the National Park at all cost with or without the help from the State government, it further stated.
The organization cautioned the so-called shareholders not to blame for any unwanted consequences in the process; and that they would be doing so at their own risks if they ever adhere to the suggestions and directives of some “individual greedy and uncivil policies”.