Zhimomi for more perks, not AFSPAs

Dimapur, March 9 (MExN): According to Rajya Sabha Member Khekiho Zhimomi special Category State Nagaland has ‘all-round facilities’ assured by the category. Interestingly, he remarked to the Parliament on March 8, India has given Nagaland the “privilege” of the subcontinent’s ignominious black law, the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1985 but no other facilities in other areas for the state.
Under the draconian law – the MP told the Parliament during the debate of the Railway Budget – even a lowly Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) in the rank of a sergeant can shoot a person and the court of law cannot challenge it. “But special privileges and facilities on all other fronts have been withdrawn one after another,” the MP quipped.
Making these statements the MP expressed gratefulness that the railway budget “acknowledged” states such as Nagaland. “This is the first time in the history of the great Indian railways family that Nagaland has found a place,” Zhimomi remarked.  
Zhimomi even quipped to the Parliament: “our demand is very limited. We are a very grateful people; we are really grateful that this time in the railway budget a new line survey from Dimapur to Tizit has been included. Its only 250 kms.”
The MP reminded the Parliament of the assurance given by former railway Minister Laloo Prasad to provide a railhead to all the state capitals, including that of Nagaland. “We have been waiting for the fulfillment of this commitment very eagerly. This time, a more aggressive step may please be taken so that it materializes,” the former Nagaland Minister for Industries stated.
Another point of concern the MP raised in the Parliament was the reservation of seats for Dimapur in the Rajdhani Express. Dimapur station serves not only Nagaland but Manipur state as well, catering to a large population of travelers.
The MP makes this request to the Centre – “However, the present quota for Dimapur station is insufficient for meeting the growing demands of the people of the two states namely Nagaland and Manipur. I therefore request the honorable minister to increase the quota of seats for Dimapur railway station. Similarly, the Rajdhani Express halts only for five minutes at the Dimapur railway station; the halt may please be extended up to twenty minutes.”